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The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Interiors

From shiplap walls to vintage harvest tables, here is our guide on how to bring farmhouse interiors into your home.
The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Interiors

Originally “farmhouse” would be used to describe a building that would, more often than not, be an actual farmhouse in America’s countryside. Today, the use of the term has become an interior designer’s favourite and we’re not at all surprised.

What is Farmhouse interior?

Once marking a historic time in America to now being a sought after style, farmhouse interior combines the past and present beautifully. The unique interiors traditionally found inside a farmhouse were nothing short of down-to-earth. Minimal decor, neutral colour palette and a touch of rustic furnishing offering comfortability and simplicity that’s enough for anyone to feel at home in.

A rule for farmhouse styling would be for the interiors to look like they’ve evolved with you, over time. That’s to say, a meaningful collection of items that tell a story. A way to bring together the old and the new, farmhouses would tend not to have matching furniture and go for a mix-and-match approach. So, while your sofa may come from IKEA, the armchair may be found after hours of roaming around vintage stores or flea markets.

Characteristics of Farmhouse interior

  • Natural Wood Accents
    One of the most used elements of farmhouse interior is exposed and reclaimed wood. A material that was in abundant, reclaimed barn wood was commonly used in farmhouses for furnishings such as dining tables, flooring, cabinets or statement beams. Add them to your home and they’ll bring a strong sense of character to your living space.
  • Focus on Practicality
    As you would expect from a farmhouse, the practicality of furniture and decor was important to makes for both, a comfortable yet functional home. By staying clear from anything too delicate that couldn’t be used regularly, you bring a slice of farmhouse living into your home.
  • Industrial Features
    To get the rustic finish for your home, reclaimed wood (as mentioned above) and exposed brickwork will do the trick for any farmhouse-inspired home. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stripe your walls entirely, an accent brick wall in your living room can add an industrial look, while the neutral coloured decor keeps the space welcoming and comfortable.
  • Neutral Palette
    Early owners of farmhouses would have limited painting budget, nothing to glitz or glam. They kept things simple, therefore went for the all-white look. Bring white into your home to usher in the authentic, farmhouse aura while keeping your living space relaxed and light. If you want to add a touch of colour, light beige or cream works well when combined with dark wooden features.
  • Relaxed Fabrics
    Simple patterns and bright colours on your fabrics can add a touch of personal character to your farmhouse interiors. Often farmhouses would have a combination of textiles that were easy to look after and were used to bring colour into a room. Linen and cotton fabrics were commonly used, with stripes or buffalo check to contrast with the light tones and raw materials.

Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse

When choosing farmhouse interior to remodel your home, a question to ask yourself will be: Classic or modern? Over the recent years, there has been a huge rise in modern farmhouse interiors that took the comfortable, relaxed features of the classic farmhouse and added modern touches such as smooth lines, glossy accents, and neutral colour schemes. A modern farmhouse is less rustic, more sophisticated, and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek lighting.

this is a classic farmhouse dining table with chairs and contemporary feel with lights and indoor plant on show(1)

What is Farmhouse decor?

Luckily, much of farmhouse decor walks a fine line between modern and rustic. That’s good news because you won’t need to part ways with your favourite antiques or latest store-bought finds to accomplish the look. The simple, timeless style means it can be applied to one room or all of them if that’s what you prefer. The natural, relaxed aesthetic of farmhouse decor makes it less about perfection and make about creating a space that’s cosy and elegant.

Guide on how to incorporate Farmhouse decor

Shiplap Walls

Whether you want to use it all over or subtly, shiplap is the perfect addition to your farmhouse-inspired home. It makes a great backdrop to a living room, and easily coordinated with farmhouse decor.


Nature-Inspired Aesthetics

Bring nature into your home through reclaimed wood, plants, or a dark wooden floor. In classic farmhouse style, embrace the landscape around your home and brighten up the rooms with natural aesthetics.


Apron Sinks

There is everything to love about apron sinks. They have been interior designers’ favourite for many years now, and are a particular favourite when it comes to a farmhouse kitchen. Add a white apron sink and mount it on top of a marble countertop, with wooden cabinets. We promise it’ll make you excited to wash the dishes.

this is a farmhouse kitchen with a white apron sink and wooden cabinets(1)

Open Shelves & Cabinets

A simple, rustic approach to shelving for farmhouse decor was to make things as approachable as possible – the last thing people wanted to do was to hunt for cooking ware that could easily be at reach with opening shelving. They’re a great way to add a touch of reclaimed wood and break up the kitchen cabinets.

this is a rustic farmhouse kitchen with open shelves and cabinets(1)

Counter Stools

Round off your farmhouse kitchen with rustic wooden stools placed under your breakfast counter. Contrast reclaimed wood with sleek surface materials to create a modern look and bring out the quality of the unique wooden features surrounding the kitchen.

this is a farmhouse kitchen with a rustic feel and counter stools and sleek surface(1)

Vintage Harvest Table

The beauty of farmhouse interiors is the endless possibilities of what you can do with a space – the white canvas gives enough room for an ounce of creativity and authenticity is rooms where guests are welcome and time is spent.

this is a farmhouse dining table with a vintage harvest table on show(1)

Antique Chandeliers

A unique chandelier placed over the dining table can create a dramatic effect in a stripped-back room. Let the finishing touches of a bold antique such as a chandelier can help to connect the room to the rest of your home.

this is a farmhouse dining room with Antique Chandeliers(1)

Tiled Flooring

What better way to welcome guests into your home than an authentic entryway. A tile inlay can bring a sophisticated and old-world aura, that gives off a glimpse into what else is to come inside your home. The combination of tile, oak wood, and white walls blend beautifully together and work seamlessly as a timeless look.

this is a farmhouse entryway with tiled flooring and wooden beams(1)

Mix-and-match Fabrics

Style your bedroom with farmhouse decor to create a minimal, elegant, and homely look. Use a neutral colour palette with light and warm tones to bring elements such as wood, textiles, and vintage furnishings together.

this is a farmhouse bedroom with mix and match fabrics (1)

Cosy Aesthetics

Farmhouse interiors are known for their simplicity and comfort. A classic way to do this in the bedroom is by adding a chaise or daybed in the corner of the room that catching daylight, finish it with a thick throw and cushion. You’ll have yourself a bedroom so cosy you won’t want to leave.

this is a farmhouse bedroom with cozy aesthetics, perfect for farmhouse interiors(1)

Bronze Details

A way to modernise your bathroom, and highlight antique features can be by adding a touch of bronze or brass to your plumbing and accessories. Vintage light fixtures, paired with a dark wood vanity cabinet is a timeless look and integrates perfectly with farmhouse decor.

this is a farmhouse bathroom with bronze details dark wooden vanity cabinets(1)

Claw-foot Bathtub

Let the bathtub take centre stage of your farmhouse-inspired bathroom. A claw-foot bathtub brings charm through its vintage aesthetic whereas the elements such as the bronze tap and thick stripped textiles bind the old with the new beautifully.

this is a farmhouse bathroom with claw foot bathtub, with stripped textile blinds(1)

Antique Doors

Not only do antique doors make the perfect entrance to a home office, but they look great anywhere in your home. Head to an antique store or flea market to get your hands on some antique doors that enhance the white walls and vintage elements in your home.


Black Coated Metal Features

Granted home offices might not have been common in the 16th and 17th century when farmhouses were originally built. Who knows, but that’s not to say we can’t apply farmhouse interiors to a workspace today. Features such as metal shelving fixtures, a dark oak desk, and a woven area rug are simple ways to bring farmhouse decor into your home office.


Wooden Pergola

Whether you decide to get it made or buy one, a pergola sheltering over a patio adds charm and comfort to your garden. Opt for one that uses reclaimed wood to keep in line with your interiors.

Best Places To Buy Farmhouse Decor & Furniture


A unique brand that values artisan and designer products from around the world. At Crate&Barrel you’ll find everything from dramatic, centrepiece chandeliers – the Oakton bronze chandelier is a favourite – to farmhouse essentials including luxurious throws, reclaimed wood serving boards, and a cream chaise lounge.


Find handmade painted kitchens that offer authentic designs at a relatively low price. We particularly love the Shaker Kitchen, a beautifully simple range of fitted or freestanding furniture. deVOL has quite the collection of antiques that will appeal to anyone who appreciates an understated, vintage style and is opting for a farmhouse look.


Just about everything you need for a farmhouse-inspired home, you can find Cotswold. They have all you need to furnish and accessories your home to give it a timeless look. For your bedroom, go for the Chantilly Pebble Grey kingsize bed paired with the Chantilly bedside tables. If you think for something on for your dining room, we love the traditional Lundy Stone dresser that comes with a handy wine rack.

Rowen & Wren

Organising your home has just become all the easier. Make the best use of your space by adding little nooks from Rowen & Wren into your home. Opt for either a wooden storage bench or console table in your hallway that acts as a seat for comfort and hides things away that you prefer to be out of sight.


When you’re picking bar stools for your breakfast counter, we would recommend going for Nkuku‘s rustic wooden seat with iron legs to add to your farmhouse kitchen. We absolutely love their Loko Stool and on the note of organisation, the Triple Shelf unit is a stunning feature to crop up anywhere in your home.

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