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Vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture: 5 Stores We Love

Scouting out vintage classic pieces and antiques for your home has just become easier.
Vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture: 5 Stores We Love

Buying pre-loved, vintage, antique or up-cycled designs is a great way to style and furnish your home, particularly if you’re going for a mid century modern look. The beauty of the mid-century era is that it’s possible to find vintage pieces that are ultimately timeless and can give a unique character to a home that otherwise can be difficult to convey with brand new items

What to look out for when buying vintage mid century modern furniture

There are tips and tricks to be mindful of when you’re looking to buy (and bid) for vintage mid century modern furniture. Depending on whether you’re looking for authentic pieces, it’s important to do research and make sure to check the details such as where the item originally came from and the date it was made, before purchasing. For example, an item that claims to be created by a mid century modern designer will often have a stamp placed on the item itself to confirm its authenticity. It may seem like you’re having to go extra lengths to buy vintage goods, but it will be the difference between potentially a few hundred pounds, so it’ll be worth it.

this is a eclectic mid century modern inspired living room with vintage pieces

Where to buy mid century modern furniture?

Mixing old and new can tell a story of the people, their travels, and what they get enjoyment from. As much as they may be collectables, antiques and vintage pieces are a great way to add character into your home that otherwise can be difficult when working with new, modern furniture. Making your home all the more interesting, and meaningful. Now, when it comes on where to find second-hand gems, there are now plenty of online marketplaces that you can visit and discover vintage furniture and ornaments for your mid century modern inspired home.


In their words: ‘Hunt vintage, sell vintage, and repeat… the decorating cycle is never complete’. Selency is home to hundreds of vintage goods, everything from sofas to garden accessories, there is plenty to get stuck into. You may even be lucky enough to find a discounted collectable such as the Eames Lounge Chair or 1950s Geometric rug by Antonin Kybal.


From collectables to modern-day pieces that have been crafted by today’s makers and designers, Etsy is an online market place bringing every item you need, with a budget that works for you. Round off your mid-century home, with an authentic Wassily lounge chair and vintage G Plan coffee table. Take a look around for yourself and if you’re looking for a recommendation, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite Etsy sellers and boutiques.

this is an eclectic sitting area in a mid century modern inspired home


A place where you’ll find unique vintage pieces, difficult to source anywhere else. Pamono is more on the expensive side, depending on your budget but each piece is guaranteed to bring a slice of history into your home. Oh, to be serving wine from this rich purple crystal decanter around the timeless Saarinen Tulip dining table.


In the vintage world, Vinterior is one of the more popular online marketplaces for steal buys and classic pieces. With over 1,600 independent furniture dealers from around the world, you won’t be short on choices. You simply can’t go wrong with this teak sideboard and collection of golden steel Cesca chairs.


Recognised and loved for its huge range of antiques, eBay is a go-to for those with a keen eye and are up for a bit of bargaining. Be immersed in its endless opportunities to purchase vintage pieces from anywhere in the world; from Desso pop art shag rugs to Danish rosewood desks. One thing to be most mindful of when using eBay to buy the mid-century classics is to check their authenticity by reviewing the reviews and ratings of the seller.

Ultimately, finding vintage furniture can take some time, but is also wonderfully rewarding. Mid century modern pieces particularly can tie a home together beautifully and their timeless look creates synergy across your interiors whether it’s a minimal or eclectic look you’re after.

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