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Designed to celebrate creativity and inspire anyone to style their home with confidence. Through a combination of styles guides, know-how's, and reviews, our mission is to play a small part in making decorating your home a breeze whatever your style.

Interior design & consultancy

We always have one eye on upcoming trends, and the other on our personal sway towards Mid Century Modern and Japandi influenced interiors. Our interior design and consultancy service offers homeowners and property developers the opportunity to work alongside an independent interior designer whose expertise lie in creating a balanced space designed to live, work, and play in.

Behind nook & find

Independent interior designer and consultant, Jacklyn Grimes is known for her distinctive ideas on how to make a house a home; making every room feel like your own. Since crafting her own style over the years, she's been able to turn what once started out as passion project turned into a job she loves.

After having started to redesign her own home in 2016 and doing much of it herself, she realised what she could do with just a little bit of guidance. In 2017 she began sharing her work on an interiors Instagram account called ‘thehousethatjakbuilt', and started to receive phone calls from people asking her to help them with the design and decorating of their homes.

Today, nook & find is a way for Jacklyn to share more of what she knows and get creative with new ideas. She believes interior design is another way to express yourself and show people who you are. Through bold colours and original pieces, every inch tells a story. What's her interior design speciality? Mid-century Modern, "it can be bold or neutral but always stylish".

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