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7 Interior Boutiques on Etsy: Mid Century Modern Edition

Everything from classic mid-century lamps to unique decor that adds finishing touches to your home, Etsy has got it all.
7 Interior Boutiques on Etsy: Mid Century Modern Edition

The online marketplace Etsy is home to some of the world’s best independent makers, designers, and boutiques. They’ve made finding unique antiques and furniture much more enjoyable and is some cases, easier because everything can be found in one place. Don’t get me wrong, we love a good market but to do interior shopping well, you need a chunky amount of time blocked out to have a mooch from store to store.

Etsy are well-known for the character and creativity that the creators bring through their stores. Unlike Ebay, it’s designed to offer a more curated experience for shoppers and at the same time, introduce you to something new and sometimes wild–depending on what you’re looking for.

Best Etsy boutiques for mid century modern furniture

For today, we’re going to be focusing on mid century modern design, and we’ve trawled through our favourite to bring you the best of mid century modern boutiques on Etsy. Whether it’s a classic mid century modern lamp that you’re after, or unique decor to add those finishing touches, our curated Etsy best sellers and boutiques list will guide the way.

this is a beautiful customise designed sideboard by elizabeth dot design featured on etsy

1) Konk Furniture

Over the past few years, Konk have made a name for themselves in the world of hand-made furniture. The Bristol–based furniture company are an exceptional example of a modern approach to hand made interiors that can often get lost when you’re buying from high street brands. They’ve showcased their designs around the world, including London Design Fair where they swept the floor with their one-of-a-kind collection including dining tables, chairs, dressers, and bed frames. Their Etsy store is one that you can go back to without fearing your favourite pieces will be out of stock or no longer there, every piece is custom made and in some case, ready to ship straight away.

2) K&G Curated Space

As much as we love a guaranteed buy, K&G Curated Space has everything we love about a classic antique store. Their collection changes every week and includes the most gorgeous mid century modern vintage pieces that will liven up any room in your home. Amongst their decorative piece made of ceramic, glass, or bamboo their range usually includes unique chairs, solid wood coffee tables, modular furniture and much more. It’s a store you can drop in to each week and be surprised with what’s on offer; and if there’s a something you love then be sure to act quick.

3) InscapesDesign

One of the best features of Etsy is the fact you can discover artisan makers and creators from most places around the world. When you find a brand that’s closer to home but has their workshops in India, like InscapesDesign do it makes the craft behind each piece all the more interesting. Their collection includes timeless artisan lighting that will seamlessly add a modern and contemporary aesthetic to your home. Their custom designs encapsulates the best of mid century modern design, and they’re particularly good at re-creating the Sputnik lighting that MCM homes swooned over back in the day.

4) Ivycottage Furniture

Mid century modern design invites the vintage, the new, and the refurbished. Ivycottage has made finding the G Plan sideboards and vintage chest of drawers you’ve always wanted all the more easier in the curated range of refurbished pieces. Based in Wales, their attention to craftsmanship shines through in every piece; they even state how important it is to them for every item in the collection to last for decades to come in the same why they held up when they were first created back in 1960-70s. If you’re looking for furniture that tells a story, with slight dinks and colour variations, then Ivycottage will certainly be one to add to your favourites.

5) Hello Retro Design

They had me at “retro”. Whenever we’re trawling through to find authentic mid century modern design, we look out for anything with retro fixtures and the classic hairpin legs. Hello Retro Design have a playful range of authentic G Plan mid century modern inspired units, and better yet when you order when them you can customise the steel hairpin legs to suit your style and colour scheme. Their pieces are all hand made, come in stunning bright colours, and are made of responsibly sourced plywood. A win for anyone looking to invest furniture that’s leans more towards the wild side of interiors.


Barcelona–based designers CATHERDREA has drawn their inspiration from mid century designers such as Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, in turn creating the most beautiful artisan chairs that could easily fit inside a home of any style. That said, the geometric style and natural materials that they use suggest a slightly more mid century modern or japandi aesthetic. (Or what we’e defined as Mid-Japandi.) If the original pieces are above and beyond your budget, CATHERDREA offer a great alternative while at the same time, retaining the high quality you’ve expect from furniture that is designer high-end.

7) Elizabeth Dot Design

Lastly, we’ve chosen Elizabeth Dot Design for her collection of stunning made-to-order mid century modern inspired cabinets that are playful in their design and are remarkably versatile in how you might want to use them. The range mostly includes colourful sideboards that can be used as a vinyl cupboard, storage unit, or drinks cabinet; whatever you see fits. As with all visionary artists, Elizabeth has a way of transforming furniture into bold, statement pieces through the use of colour and functional design.

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