A Year of Timeless Design: Interior Trends of 2023

From embracing Pantone's colour of the year, Viva Magenta to finding place of solitude inside your home. We're exploring the interior trends in 2023.
A Year of Timeless Design: Interior Trends of 2023

As we move further into the year, it’s becoming increasingly clear that 2023 is going to be an exciting one for interior design. With a range of styles and trends emerging, from bold and daring to subtle and understated, there’s something for everyone to explore.

Being design enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share our predictions for what’s to come. Let’s dive into our forecast for the top interior trends of 2023.

Interior trends of 2023

A place for solitude

Previously, spaces designed for ‘me time’ were considered a luxury as was having the time for it. Yet, in the last few years carving out dedicated spaces became a necessity. We only have to rewind to when many of us were inside our homes for most of the day and how quickly we transformed small spaces into offices fit for the WFH era.

As the idea of the four-day workweek gains momentum, many of us are looking to find the equilibrium between work and life. Instead of solely focusing on creating home offices, we’re seeing a rise in people designing spaces for the activities they love, such as a listening room, a reading nook, or a spot for a meditation cushion. These spaces offer an escape from the busyness of life and a chance to connect with ourselves in meaningful ways.

This year, more than ever, we’re taking these ideas seriously and prioritising our health. So, whether you’re carving out a small corner or redesigning an entire room, make space for the things you love and feel rejuvenated by.

this is a minimalist reading nook featured by say yes

Feeling nostalgic? Time to thrift

As prices continue to rise, more people are turning to thrifting as a way to creatively and affordably refresh their homes. Thrifting has been around for years—if not decades—but now it’s not just a trend, it’s a sought-after way of shopping for unique and one-of-a-kind interiors that nobody else has.

Thanks to the growing popularity of thrifting, more people are willing to take chances and try new things. With the abundance of tips and tricks shared on platforms like TikTok, people are discovering that they can upcycle furniture or use repurposed materials to create something new and unique without needing to call a handyperson.

Thrifting offers more than just affordability and uniqueness. By upcycling or repurposing items, you can create pieces that reflect your personal style and taste while also having plenty of stories to share about how you transformed them. This makes the interiors of your home more interesting and meaningful, as opposed to simply buying something brand new from a store.

This year, we’ll be hunting down and exploring our local thrift stores to see what treasures we can find to share with you.

this is an example of a thrifting run and cabinet, shot by kelly wheeler

A touch of gold, with all things blue

Now, we love gold as much as the next person but often we see the metallic colour used repetitively without much else to counter it. For us, gold is better used sparingly and as an accent for the features inside a room. Consider incorporating gold through the legs of the bed or a mirror frame in the bedroom, or textured gold wallpaper or a subtle golden sheen run in the living room.

To balance out the metallic shine, opt for a colour or shade that complements it. Navy blue is a particularly popular choice this year, and for good reason. It’s a bold, earthy, and neutral colour that adds a touch of luxury to any room. When combined correctly, the navy blue and gold colours create an elegant and chic look that never goes out of style. Embrace this trend and elevate the interiors of your home with a touch of glamour.

this is an example of mixing navy blue and gold accents in the bedroom

Biophilic design is staying

Biophilic design has been on the “trends of” list for the past few years. At this point, it feels like we stop calling it a trend and acknowledge it as a design philosophy. Its focus on connecting us with nature and enhancing our well-being is here to stay. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but its impact on our well-being is immeasurable. We’ve discussed this topic before, and it’s worth revisiting.

Incorporating biophilic design into our homes is essential for our well-being, and there are endless ways to do so. From introducing natural materials and textures to adding plants and natural lighting, biophilic design principles can be applied in a number of ways that can be personalised to you.

Whether you prefer minimalist or maximalist interiors, there’s always a way to incorporate biophilic elements into your home.

this is a home in Hackney, London designed by Daniel Sanderson showing biophilic design

For the fearless: Viva Magenta

We were surprised—in a good way—when Pantone announced Viva Magenta as the colour of the year for 2023. In a world where we often play it safe with neutral colours, the vibrant electric pinkish-purple hue is a much-needed addition to our world.

From modern to traditional, this dash of colour can infuse energy and excitement into various design styles. Whether it’s used as an accent or as the main colour, Viva Magenta will undoubtedly make a statement inside your home.

this is an example of how to use viva magenta, Pantones colour of the year, in a colour block style

Photo credits: 1. Brianna Sandstrom 2. Say Yes 3. Kelly Wheeler 4. Perifino 5. Daniel Sanderson Studios

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