7 Trendy Scandinavian Apartments That We Love

A collection of apartments that show a refreshing take on the much-loved interior style.
7 Trendy Scandinavian Apartments That We Love

There is so much to love about a Scandinavian home. The simplicity in design and it’s clean, sleek look makes it a go-to style; it can be kept minimal or moulded and shaped to show off your creative flair. Known for their nature-infused and practical interiors, our Nordic neighbours are experts when it comes to making the best use out of small living space.

You won’t have to look far for inspiration on how to jazz up your apartment in the style of Scandinavian. We’ve pulled together a collection of apartments that show a refreshing take on the interior style that can so often be mistaken for simple, white, and small amounts of character.

The one with geometric tiles

Deciding on what to do with your floor can be a tricky decision – because you know you could go with the simple wooden floor look. Or you could try something a little different and opt for patterned tiles that become the statement feature in a room. We love how the geometric tiles complement the grey and blue tones in this apartment, adding an artistic dimension to the space.

this is a Scandinavian Home with geometric tiles, wooden shelves and tables and chairs

this is a classic Scandinavian room with wooden cabinets, a chair with a cushion and house plants this is a beautiful Scandinavian home, with gallery walls, wooden floor and Nordic friendly this is a Scandinavian bedroom with a simple double bed and art on the wall in a grey accent feel

The one that’s classically modern

This apartment captures the essence of modern Scandinavian style; The cornered fireplace with an open fire combined with the dark leather chair and wooden dining set brings a warm glow into the space. The kitchen is stripped back, bringing out the use of grey and muted colours working beautifully in contrast with the Parisian area rug.

this-is-a-Scandinavian-apartment-with-a-fireplace-and-modern-scandi-furniturethis-is-a-fireplace-in-an-apartment-with-ornaments-on-showthis-is-Scandinavian-Apartment-and-showing-the-side-of-the-kitchen-with-units-and-an-iconic-scandi-style-chairthis is a modern scandinavian kitchen with white fixtures, clean lines and minimal objects on surfaces this-is-a-look-at-a-bed-in-a-scandinavian-apartment-with-a-bookshelf-on-the-side-to-show-the-small-initimate-space

The one that’s inspired by vintage

What makes a home is the choice of furniture, decor, and colour palette combined. In this apartment, they all work perfectly in sync. The wooden floors and white walls define Scandinavian interiors, whereas the dark navy sofa, gold and brown decor, and black accents give off a vintage look that’s charming, classy, and original.

this is a scandinavian apartment with blue velvet dining chairs and vintage elements this is a scandianvian apartment with vintage elements such as a rug this is a scandinavian kitchen with velvet vintage chairs this is a scandinavian apartment with linen curtains this is a scandinavian bedroom with white and blue colours this is a scandinavian bedroom with vintage elements

The one with artistic features

A playful take on Scandinavian interior that looks to be influenced by the coast and features metal accents, bringing an industrial feel into the space. Often, Metal can make a small space look cold, yet this apartment seems to have worked magic in balancing the different textures and colourful details together; creating a warm, lively, and bright look.



this-is-art-inspired-Scandinavian-style-apartment-with-gallery-wall-and-white-cabinetsthis-is-art-inspired-Scandinavian-style-apartment-with-wooden-floors-art-on-the-wall-and-tables-and-chairs this-is-art-inspired-Scandinavian-style-apartment-a-look-at-the-bedroom-with-a-classic-double-bed-


The one that’s pink and gold

Who know such a minimal approach could be so chic. The use of pink, grey, black, white, and gold in this apartment gives the ultimate dreamy, fairytale look that works beautifully with the flow of natural light coming through the windows and the greenery located throughout the space. Sometimes, a lot of the time, simplicity is key and this apartment achieves perfectly.

this is a minimal Scandinavian styled apartment with shades of pink and incoming natural light this is a minimal Scandinavian styled apartment with a fireplace in show this is a minimal Scandinavian styled bedroom with a large golden brass mirror, and double bed this is a minimal Scandinavian styled apartment with a focus on the metal side table and mirror this is a hallway in a Scandinavin apartment with clothes handing and wooden chairs and floors this is a minimal Scandinavian styled kitchen with rock salt grey cabinets

The one with exposed wood accents

Because when it’s impossible to decide on just one look, choose them all. This apartment is filled with character that shows us a glimpse into a creative mind that appears to have combined industrial, vintage, Scandinavian, and contemporary perfectly. The glass panelling separates the living room from the bedroom seamlessly and makes the studio apartment appear much more spacious than it actually is.

this-is-a-wooden-styled-Scandinavian-apartment-with-a-blend-of-industrial-and-vintagethis is a Scandinavian styled apartment with minimal and clean designs with a blend of wooden accents this is a wooden styled Scandinavian apartment with a white stone fireplace this is a vintage, industrial and scandinavian styled apartment with natural light beaming through giving it a nice feeling this is a wooden styled Scandinavian apartment with a bedroom that has clothes hanging and textured bedding this is a scandinavian and minimal design kitchen with smeg fridge and wooden cabinets this is a scandinavian styled kitchen in an apartment

The one that feels peaceful

A sun-soaked apartment that oozes everything we love about Scandinavian design. The lighting in the space bounces of the muted colours; grey, cream, and brown. This apartment is a beautiful example of how to make a space feel calm and peaceful without having to compromise on decor that shows captures personality and character.

this is a relaxed and peaceful styled scandinavian apartment this is a look into a scandinavian living room with light entering through large windows and many rugs and throws on the sofa with plants surrounding this-is-a-minimal-bookshelf-with-books-and-wooden-ornament-in-a-scandinavian-styled-living-room-this is a relaxed bedroom with art, wooden floors, lots of light and a fireplace next to the double bed this is a window in an scandinavian styled apartment with a lamp shade and indoor plants surrounding it this is an office room in a scandinavian styled apartment with white office furniture, wooden floors and grey walls

Photo Credits: 1. Diplomat Makleri 2. Behrer 3. Behrer 4. Behrer 5. Erik Olsson 6. The Nordroom 7. The Nordroom

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