5 Ways to Make a Traditional Farmhouse Modern

Mixing interiors styles, old and new, has become increasingly popular and we're here for it.
5 Ways to Make a Traditional Farmhouse Modern

The traditional farmhouse is known for shiplap walls all over, reclaimed wood, and the beloved apron sink, all features that we love to see. For some of you, you may be wanting to take specific elements of the classic style to work into your modern home. Luckily, the farmhouse interior style has taken off over the years, some may say it’s thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars behind Fixer Upper and we would agree.

The couple has shown the world how to take a chunk of history and renovate a home that conveys the old and the new – whilst looking undeniably stylish and sleek. The rise of farmhouse interiors has meant the style has evolved into multiple trends that have made it much easier to bring two styles together without neither of the two dominating or getting lost.

Traditional Meets Modern Farmhouse

So, how do you bring traditional and modern together without them looking… conflicting? We’ve found a stunning example of how to do it, and how to do it well. Interior designer Lisa Staton renovated this Bellevue home from top to bottom and pulled together something of a masterpiece.

Staton embraced the all-white canvas, the exposed wood, open shelving in the kitchen, and mix-and-match furniture – all of which you would typically find in a classic farmhouse. However, it’s the choice of lighter, smoother wood and contemporary furniture that add the modern touch to a traditionally classic home.

Use Light Wooden Elements

We could see this house aimed to do something a little bit different with the traditional farmhouse look when we spotted the much loved Safari-inspired chair, originally designed by Scandinavian designer Kaare Klint. Topped with a white faux fur cover and the dynamic of the room immediately changes. Additionally, the choice of wood matters – traditionally you’ll find rustic reclaimed wood in a traditional farmhouse whereas here there are much less rough edges and smoother curves that complement the modern style perfectly.


Try Darker Shades

There aren’t many things that are as enjoyable as looking at farmhouse kitchens for inspiration. From traditional to coastal, there are plenty of ways to personalise the style to suit what you’re looking for. A modern approach would incorporate different colours and shares to contrast the white walls. Stick with the open shelving and kitchen island, this kitchen binds black cabinetry units with a marble countertop and a vintage Parisian rug.

this is a farmhouse kitchen and living room with bar stools, wooden shelves and marble kitchen bar

Subtle Aesthetics With Character

The farmhouse breakfast nook will be one you’ll be familiar with; Cornered seating, cosy cushions, and a lantern pendant hanging above the table. Farmhouse nooks scream comfort and look incredibly difficult to want to get up from when leaving for work after a hearty breakfast. Can this still be achieved without all of the above? Absolutely. Cast your eyes on this beautifully simple breakfast nook that balances the old (the reclaimed wooden bench) and new (industrial light pendent and dark, smooth wooden table) perfectly.

Soften The Furniture

The grand old farmhouse dining table; Large enough to seat family and friends, homely enough to become the hub for late-night gatherings. The host chairs contrast the dining chairs and are pushed up against a rustic farmhouse style table that traditionally would be handmade from reclaimed wood found left in the barn. Perhaps you’re wanting to go for something aesthetically softer and more aligned with the modernist in you, look no further. This dining room has kept hold of the homely feel you would typically find in a farmhouse-inspired home, and go for a lighter dining table with dark upholstered chairs. Once again, perfecting the balance between traditional and modern.


Opt For Contemporary Decor

Finally, the time has come to bring olive green into your home. A colour you’ve lusted over since forever yet never been too sure on how or where to use it. It’s dark enough to work with a blend of other colours and light enough to not feel overpowering, particularly when contrasted with white walls. In this home, the chesterfield sofa combined with the different textures, rustic wood and marble, shines a light on the underlying modern and contemporary approach.

Photo Credits: Lisa Staton

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