Special Christmas Gift Guide for All (That They’ll Definitely Use)

Discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones this year. Our 2021 gift guide has something for everyone, and for eery interest.
Special Christmas Gift Guide for All (That They’ll Definitely Use)

Planning Christmas comes with an added glow of delight this year. There’s no better time than when celebrating with loved one, and enjoying everything the festive season has to offer. Good food and sparkly Christmas trees, and all.  Now, when it comes to choosing what gifts for who, we want to make the selection easier for you and more considered for the person receiving it. Our gift guide has been inspired by interests with the perfect gift to match it. Looking for what to buy someone who loves taming their plants? We’ve got a collection for that. A foodie? We’ve got gift ideas for that too.

Christmas gift guide for 2021

Every interest comes with its own quirks, making pulling a gift guide together for you all the more fun. Time to get your Christmas shopping boxed off with meaningful (and useful) presents, or at least steer you in the right direction on what’s out there this season.

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Gifts for the tech head

If you know someone who loves smart gadgets and accessories, you’ll understand their appreciation to trying something new when it comes to anything technology. Granted, they might know more than a thing or two on what’s new but we’ve done our research; it’ll be easy to impress them with one of these selected Christmas gifts this year. From never letting a cup of coffee go cold with an EMBER mug, to mastering the art of sleeping with a Dodow monitor , we’ve got you sorted.

Gifts for the ultimate foodie

It’s hard to go wrong with anything delicious. Whether you want to gift a selection of luxe chocolates, or something that will meet them half way in making their favourite Friday night nibbles–we’ve found the perfect gifts. Generally anything food or drink related will hit the spot for foodies. That said, if you know a loved one who wants to master the craft of a homemade pizza, look no further than the Mimiuno wood burning pizza oven. Known for its stylish design, and extremely tasty pizzas. A cooking set we’ve recently been massively impressed with is the Home Cook duo, together they bring the entire cooking system every avid chef needs. Likewise, a gourmet Popcorn maker is ideal for those Netflix ‘n’ chill evenings.

Gifts for makers and creators

After spending a lot of time at home over the past year, people dabbled in the world of crafts. We’ve seen an influx of handmade customised cards for special occasions and the trend of cross stitching vibrant designs on tired-looking fabrics take over our feeds. We’re here for it. Cricut have launched the ultimate range for anyone that’s craft-obsessed and would say yes to a little helping hand. These savvy new inventions have meant crafty folk can spend more time making, and being inspired to try out new ideas.

Gifts for those who love the finer things

Now, who doesn’t love the finer things in life? There are timeless options when it comes to choosing a luxurious gift for a friend, sibling, or partner. A classic F&M hamper is the gift that keeps on giving throughout Christmas day, while a cosy (and chic) blanket is ideal for the evening when it’s time to wrap up and stick on family Christmas films. For anything beauty, a pure silk pillowcase is the main event this year when it comes to stepping up our sleep routine, and waking up with silk smooth skin.

Gifts for the plant-obsessed

There are countless options for gift-giving when it comes to plants. Adding a plant or a bouquet of flowers to their indoor jungle and giving them the tools to nurture them is one way to keep the plant-obsessed extremely happy. Otherwise, you could go for something a little unusual but of the same vibe. After making it big in the US, we’re seeing more and more of the smart gardens pop up in the UK and it’s making the way we grow and cultivate herbs so much easier.

Gifts for more ‘me time’

Shower your loved ones with presents that’ll make them feel good. We’ve curated our ‘me time’ collection with gifts that will elevate relaxation beyond the spa and in the comfort of their own home. Tried and tested, an aromatic diffuser paired with the Shiatsu shoulder massager is the perfect combo for a worldly massage if that’s what’s needed. While a compact Theragun works a treat for speeding up recovery post a workout and releasing muscle tension.

Photo credits: Camille Styles

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