5 Authentic Ways To Style A Balcony

We're taking a leaf out of Scandinavian homes on how to turn small outdoor areas into a cosy nook.
5 Authentic Ways To Style A Balcony

Their slow living springs and sunkissed summers make the Nordic region one to look to for inspiration when it comes to designing and reimaging our outdoor spaces: be that a balcony, courtyard, or garden. We’ve spoken at length about the design principles woven throughout Scandinavian design, and how much of what they build and create is influenced by nature. Scandinavia knows a thing or two about embracing the outdoors, regardless of size.

Style your balcony the Scandinavian way

While a balcony or garden are often considered a luxury, certainly in the UK, they’re a key feature in cityscape apartments in Scandinavian countries. Finding those moments of hygge is as much to do with getting snug indoors, as it is about soaking up the sun and having space to retreat to outdoors. Spruce up your courtyard garden or balcony with that Scandinavian look and make it the summertime nook that you’ll never want to leave.

Inner-city jungle

No garden? No problem. There is no need to have a plot of greenery for you to have a garden, feast your eyes on potted plants and flowers to brighten up your outdoor space. There has been a huge rise in plant buyers over the last few years, making it much easier to get your hands on all types of plants that will add colour in the most natural of ways. Pair plants together with lightweight cement or natural rattan planters to add character and depth to your balcony.

An area rug you love

Bring a slice of you into your balcony space with a rug that reflects your style. We particularly love a woven or geometric rug depending on the look you’re going for. Woven looks beautiful when paired with wooden accents, whereas a patterned rug works perfectly with a monochrome colours palette and simple decorative features.

Alfresco dining: Bistro set

The famous bistro sets that we love to see on the balcony of a Scandinavian apartment. They’re a go-to choice particularly when working with smaller spaces; they’re easy to assemble and move around depending on how much space you’ve got. From dusty grey such as the Ravenna set to peachy pink, whatever your colour scheme they’ll fit right in.

Design for comfort

Make your balcony flow with the cosiness of your interiors. The textiles you choose are a simple way to add textures to a space that contrast with the natural surroundings. The best way to make an outdoor space useful and cosy all year round are by being open to mixing the accessories up as the seasons’ change. For Spring/Summer, opt for light woven throws and decorative soft cushions that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Whereas for Autumn/Winter, turn up the comfort with a woollen throw that’s guaranteed to keep you warm as the sun goes down.

this is a cosy balcony in Scandinavia

Make it a place for gathering

If you have extra space outdoors and thinking about how to turn it into a place for gatherings, a simple rattan dining set is a beautiful addition to a balcony for late-night chats and lunchtime lounging. Accompanied by dazzling globe lights around the seated area, because no one wants to cut a gathering short.

this is a balcony for gathering

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