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Affordable & Stylish Mid Century Modern Rugs for 2021

Make your entryway or living room standout with a rug that you would often see inside a mid-century home.
Affordable & Stylish Mid Century Modern Rugs for 2021

One of the most beloved features of mid century modern interiors was the use of vibrant colours and geometric patterns. It was because this that rugs made their debut inside MCM homes; as much as the interior style showed what could be possible with the rise of industrial machinery and evolution of new materials, the designers of that era knew more than a thing or two when it came to make the most out of their flooring.

It was during this time wall-to-wall carpeting became popular, while at the same time the trick of layering took shape with the beautiful designs of mid century modern area rugs that followed shortly after.

Choosing your mid century modern rug

An easy way to incorporate patterns is as simple as adding an area rug either in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. While some prefer to go bold in the design, others may prefer a neutral design that can seamless fit with the surrounding interiors. When it comes to mid century modern inspired rugs, there is an abundance of choice in terms of style, colours, and material; what you decide to go for will come entirely down to your preferences.

To spot a mid century modern inspired rug, look out for bold colours, geometric patterns such as chevron or stripes, and abstract drawings if you’re going for one that has an artistic vibrant feel to it. Otherwise, rugs that lean more towards Persian, vintage, or shaggy can be the perfect feature in trying your room together if you’ve focused more on adding metallic elements and a mixture of textiles.

this is a close up of a white shag rug

Geometric Patterned Rugs

Geometric designs became the pattern of choice for art pieces, ornaments, and rugs. Designers of that era would often create entire collections that included furniture, accessories, tapestries, and a rug to match. If you love the mix and match look of the furniture and decor that came a staple in mid century modern interiors, it’s become relatively easy to replicate a similar look today; and a geometric rug is the best foundation to build on from.

Persian Rugs

Oriental rugs can enhance any style of decor. It’s timeless design with low contrast colours will only add to your room rather than steal attention from the decor. A well-made rug will have been passed down generation-to-generation, and are wrapped up in history. Now you can find them in your favourites stores, if not an antique market.

Vintage Rugs

Adding a vintage-inspired rug to your home can bring an authentic look and feel to your living room. Finding a vintage rug or one inspired by can be a task in itself as there are so many out there, but once you’ve found one, you’ll know and it will be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

Shaggy Rugs

The perfect blend of style and comfort. The texture, material, and colours that shaggy rugs come in make it virtually impossible not to find one that work well with your interiors. The shap agreat way to merge mid century decor with a modern taste in your bedroom or opt for a round design to sit under your coffee table.

Photo Credits: The Design Files

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