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Affordable & Stylish Mid Century Modern Rugs for 2021

Make your entryway or living room standout with a rug that you would often see inside a mid-century home.
Affordable & Stylish Mid Century Modern Rugs for 2021

One of the beloved features of mid century modern was, of course, the use of patterns. Rugs found their place in mid century modern interiors through the evolution of new materials and wall-to-wall carpeting, often used as a layer to add interest.

Choosing your mid century modern rug

An easy, yet standout way to incorporate patterns into your home can be with a gorgeous area rug that fits perfectly into your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. When choosing a mid century inspired rug for your home look out for bold colours, patterns such as chevron or stripes, and abstract drawings. From Persian to Shaggy, discover some of our favourite rugs here.

this is a close up of a white shag rug


Oriental rugs can enhance any style of decor. Their timeless designs with low contrast colours will only add to your room rather than steal attention from the decor. A well-made rug will have been passed down generation-to-generation, and are wrapped up in history. Now you can find them in your favourites stores, if not an antique market.


Adding a vintage-inspired rug to your home can bring an authentic look and feel to your living room. Finding a vintage rug or one inspired by can be a task in itself as there are so many out there, but once you’ve found one, you’ll know and it will be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

Geometric: Mid Century Modern Patterns

Geometric become the pattern of choice for art pieces, ornaments, and rugs. Designers of that era would often create entire collections that included furniture, accessories, tapestries, and a rug to match. Complimenting each other all too well… what a dream. The mix and match of decor in mid century interiors are relatively easy to replicate today, and a geometric area rug is a great place to start.

Shag Rug

The perfect blend of style and comfort. The textures, materials, and colours shag rugs can come in make it virtually impossible not to find one that suits your interior. They’re a great way to merge mid century decor with a modern taste in your bedroom or opt for a round design to sit under your coffee table.

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