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The Classic Mid Century Modern Bathroom: 5 Design Ideas

Quick and easy ways to bring elements of mid century modern aesthetics into your bathroom for a sleek and trendy look.
The Classic Mid Century Modern Bathroom: 5 Design Ideas

When it comes to interior design, there are classic designs that stick around for longer than others. Mid century modern is no exception; its simple lines, mix and match materials, and modest use of colours have proven a hit over the decades since it originated in the USA. The era of mid century modern undoubtedly presented the best craftsmanship and designs that continue to have a place in our homes today, there have been books written about it and neighbourhoods have become a tourist destination for avid design lovers because of it.

A guide on mid century modern bathrooms

Whether you’re wanting to bring the interior style into your home, or just one room there are beautiful design elements to consider that set the space off in the way that your Pinterest board envisions. The bathroom has become a classic in terms of embodying the best of mid century modern design; a bathroom that’s incorporated the elements that we’ve grown to love of mid century modern is a bathroom of high-end aesthetic, a sleek and trendy space with natural features woven throughout.

The ultimate statement piece: Vanity cabinet

Make your vanity cabinet the centrepiece of your bathroom. Go for a vintage dark wooden cabinetry to contrast with a white ceramic upper mount sink, and simple brass taps. Complete the look by softening their straight lines and sharp corners, with add a statement mirror with a round frame, mounted on a plain coloured wall.



Go colourful with geometric floor tiles

A typical and much-loved feature in mid century interiors: Geometric patterns. Opt for geometric patterned floor tiles to add character and bring out the light in your bathroom. Floors are often played safe, but when styled well, they can add a new, charismatic feel to a room.

Add a splash of colour

One of the best aspects of mid century modern is the fact it’s totally possible to mix and match some of your favourite colours and shades to any part of the room. Find a colour palette that works for you and make it your own by adding it to the tile, cabinetry, fabrics or accessories.


Incorporate recessed lights and minimal ornaments

Light fixtures and minimal ornaments are hallmarks of mid century modern design. Look for recessed lights that are exposed and bathroom fixtures that integrate into the design rather than overwhelm it. We love the touch of gold when using a neutral colour palette.

Brighten up the space with plants

Supposedly you can never have too many plants, and I’m not one to argue that point. Adding plants in ceramic pots to your bathroom can add an earthy dimension, and is a particular favourite feature in mid century modern homes. With one plant, or a handful, you’ll create a calm and relaxing environment that sets you up for your day ahead.

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