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7 Mid Century Modern Colours We Love

We've uncovered the most popular shades and tones of the mid-century era and there's something there for everyone.
7 Mid Century Modern Colours We Love

We’ve spoken at length about mid century modern to give a flavour of what small (and big) changes you can make to incorporate a mid century look and feel into your home. It’s a style to fall in love with, and at the very least one you’ll want to bring elements of into your home. At this point, you’ve probably got your eyes fixed on stunning pieces of mid century modern furniture and now, looking for a colour palette to suit your home.

Choosing mid century modern paint colours

If like me, you feeling lifted in a brightly coloured room then the mid century colour palette may well be one for you. It’s wide and varied, including neutral colours to bright, and eclectic making it a timeless trend. We’ve drawn out the most popular shades and tones of the mid century modern era that will add a vibrant, clean, and modern look to any room be it used for an accent wall or applied all over. Let’s dive in.

A neutral palette

A neutral, light tone can brighten up the entire room and can be the perfect backdrop to your mid century colour scheme. Rock Salt (Dulux) has a very slight tone of grey and works beautifully when paired with mustard accents, dark oak wooden floor, or a bold antiqued rug.

this is a mid century modern bedroom with light grey

To embrace mid century modern in your living room, you could opt for a brown leather sofa to pair with an antiqued rug and a darker tone of grey, Storm Clearing, to apply across all walls. Or if you thinking about how to work grey into a mid century modern bedroom, used it for a featured wall and make use of dark oak wooden features such as a bed frame or cabinets with neutral decor to create a soothing ambience in the room.

this is a mid century modern home using dark grey

To balance out a neutral colour palette, a dark shade of grey can add a strong sense of character in a room that can otherwise be difficult to achieve with an all-white or all-light palette. Cobalt Night makes for the perfect companion when used as the backdrop to emphasise the subtle gold accents, white features, or wooden elements inside your home. If not on the walls, Gallant Grey works beautifully on kitchen cabinets with white tiles and walls.

this is a mid century modern extreme gallant grey

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Add vibrancy with luminous colours

Understandably, going for dark shades can be a little bit daunting if you’ve not done it before. Whereas Forest Shade is an all-time favourite that can bring a room to life with its deep earthy tone. Revive your walls in the dining room, or use it on your kitchen cabinets to match with brass decor.

this is a mid century modern kitchen with olive green

When it comes mid century modern interior, looking to natural elements will become second nature. Whether you prefer to be surrounded by plants or adding subtle or dominant colours to your walls, there’s an option for everyone, and for every room. Golden Light is the perfect partner when looking for a colour that’s light, and can work with darker shades including navy, teal, or green for a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an earthy appeal, marry it with warm neutrals, mustard, browns, reds, or rusty orange.

this is a muted gold mid century modern bedroom

Moving along on the colour wheel, from gold to yellow tones. Cherished Gold is a colour often used to contrast with neutral tones, whether that be with a mustard armchair, a geometric patterned throw, or with yellow block tiles in the kitchen. But works magic as a tone all over if you’re looking to add a bold, bright colour into your home.

this is a hallway with honey mustard colour palette

As with Cherished Gold, a shade of red or pink is a favourite for the mid century modern colour palette. Copper Blush can bring an eclectic look and feel into your home while enhancing the clean lines and textures that are often found inside a mid century modern inspired home; it’s a playful, energetic colour that works beautifully especially on a featured wall.

this is a mid century modern living room with coral colour palette

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