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Re-designing Your Bathroom? 4 Key Features to Focus on

No need to throw the baby out the bathwater when redesigning your bathroom, focus on these four features before anything to know what's needed to elevate the space.
Re-designing Your Bathroom? 4 Key Features to Focus on

Your bathroom deserves to be a soothing and relaxing oasis that you can enjoy spending time in and be a place that eases your stress, not the cause of it.

Key features to elevate your bathroom

We’re making the case the size doesn’t matter when it comes to bathrooms; it’s simply about knowing how to style it that makes the world of difference. In this feature, we’re sharing the main features to focus on to bring the wow factor to elevate your bathroom and make it a talking point…

1) Bring in layered lighting

Lighting is integral in any room, and it’s even more important in your bathroom. Layered lighting can add an additional element to your bathroom and give the illusion of light and space in a small room. As well as your main ceiling light, think of adding wall lights on either side of a mirror, installing cabinets with built-in lighting or adding lighting to recessed walls to help you open the space up. Let the lighting in your bathroom never be an afterthought; instead, an integral part of the design.

this is an example of an eclectic bathroom with green tiles showing how you can use the accents to lift a bathroom, featured in house and garden

2) Cool off with a freestanding bathtub

We all love an inviting bathtub. While shower cubicles or wet rooms are growing popular, the bathtub will always be the star of the show. If you can and have the space, opt for a freestanding tub and make it the room’s focal point. For smaller bathrooms, why not consider an L-shaped or P-shaped tub to help you fit it into the space better and accommodate an over-bath shower, too?

This is a bathroom featured in Architectural Digest with a cooper bathtub and freestanding shower

3) Go for a sleek shower design

When it comes to installing a shower, make sure you hire registered and qualified plumbers to ensure the drainage is correct, especially for wet rooms. The last thing you want to do is to add a shower and cause water damage to your home which can be all too common particularly in new homes.

While the bathtub is the most popular bathing amenity for many people, showers are becoming increasingly popular and more bathrooms are incorporating sleek cubicles with no tray or stand-in basin, just tiled flooring with a screen separating it from the rest of the room and honestly we’re not surprised. Wrap a little eucalyptus around the shower head to allow the oils to flow through the water, and you’re in for a treat after a long day.

this is an example of sleek shower design in a compact bathroom, featured in the modern house

4) Add the finishing touches with curated hardware

Lastly, you need to look at the fittings you use in your bathroom to add the finishing touches to your decor and style. Brass handles and fittings are popular right now, especially for claw feet for freestanding baths. Another popular style is the matt black hardware for monochrome or modern minimalist bathrooms to contrast against white walls and tiling.

Make sure whatever style you choose, you run it right through the bathroom, from taps to light fittings, shower controls and any accessories you are adding, such as shower caddies, etc. This can help you to pull the look together and avoid it becoming a mix of different styles that don’t work well together.

this is an example of using side wall lights next to the mirror to add layered lighting to a bathroom, featured in house and garden

When it comes to creating a stylish bathroom, sometimes less is more, especially for smaller bathrooms. You want to let the main features speak for themselves, whether it’s the ultra-modern floating toilet, partial wetroom, bold choice of tiles, recessed shelving with lights around the bath or the stunning countertop basin, let the main features do the talking and keep the rest pared down and understated.

Photo credits: 1-2. House & Garden 3. Architectural Digest 4. The Modern House 5. House & Garden

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