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Defining Your Style for Your Bathroom: The Ultimate Guide

The bathroom; where our daily rituals begin and end. Our guide on the do's and don'ts when styling your bathroom.
Defining Your Style for Your Bathroom: The Ultimate Guide

The spa. The haven. And possibly the one room in the house that gets used the most. That’s one up for debate although it would be fair to say the bathroom is used regularly throughout the day. It’s where our daily rituals begin to get ready for the day ahead and end, winding down before going to bed.

It’s for this reason, investing in making your bathroom a space you love will be worth every penny. That’s not to say it has to be expensive, nor does it have to be overtly minimal to embody a place of relaxation. The stunning variety of bathroom tiles offers an abundance of creative ways to spruce up the look and feel of the space; whereas choosing a style lets you think a bit more strategically about the look you’re wanting to go for to fit with the rest of the interiors.

this is a close up of bathroom tiles in a eclectic bathroom

As with every room in your home, planning before choosing out your designs will help with the process and is always worth doing. Most of it depends on what stage you’re at with your bathroom; whether you’ll be renovating it entirely or wanting to add a couple of finishing touch to elevate the space.

Do’s & Don’ts when renovating your bathroom

  • Do choose a theme. Irrespective of budget, a plan of the design and layout of your bathroom will make the renovating process much more efficient than if you were to walk into it, knowing what you want but not having a plan mapped out; especially if it includes tearing the walls or reworking the flooring. To help with making a plan, consider the theme. From mid century to eclectic, a theme helps to guide the style of key features you want in the layout.
  • Don’t forget to consider your budget. Whenever it comes to renovating a room in your home, having a budget in mind will allow for you to choose the designs with that consideration in mind; making it less likely to overspend and plan in unexpected costs once the work has been done. Water damage or leaky showers are a possibility but if it’s been considered prior to any work being down, you’ve got yourself covered. You can even reduce the overall cost by taking advantage of sales from places like Bathshack to achieve your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.
  • Do think eco-friendly. As much as it’s a home’s biggest selling point, thinking about energy efficiency is a key aspect not to be overlooked when renovating your bathroom. By finding the best options that will help to maximise energy efficiency instead of waste it will put your home in good steads on the market. Plus, good design will inevitably be good for the environment. A win-win.

this is a minimal harmonious bathroom in a scandinavian home

  • Don’t go without storage. Considering the amount of time spent in the bathroom, storage can often be overlooked. A mix of open and closed cupboards, give you the space to hide away anything you’d rather not have on show and leaves enough room for your favourite decorative accessories to be on display.
  • Do make space on your vanity. A staple feature in the bathroom, and an opportunity for you to make a bold statement in the design of your bathroom. More often than not, a bathroom vanity can be the cornerstone of the look and feel you want to achieve in your bathroom. Plus, they’re a great way to add storage into smaller spaces where opting for cabinet elsewhere wouldn’t be viable.
  • Don’t forget about lighting. Known as one of the essential features in a bathroom when it comes to making the space work, and bringing the design together. A well light bathroom not only looks beautiful but it makes getting ready for a morning that bit easier; ever experienced putting makeup on in the dark? Never again…

Be bold with a vintage bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, I’d be the first to say I have a clear vision of what I’d want it to look like. For a design leaning more towards vintage and eclectic, there are few things better than a deep freestanding clawfoot bath; more specifically a dark bath with gold feet. When combined with a natural stone floor, and a double basin with dark vanity finesse with gorgeous artificial stems and an eclectic gold ornate mirror you know you’re in for a treat.

As a style, vintage welcomes a low and moody feel to it, although the need for light is of course essential. So how do you get the look without killing the glow? Opt for these ribbed bronze wall lights; for their contemporary design and aged appearance accompanied with LED lights.

this is a statement green vanity in an eclectic bathroom

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Simply timeless bathroom with mid century modern

Decades have passed and mid century modern interiors continue to be a sought after style. It’s of no surprise really, considering much of the design to come out of that era was of style and practicality. A balance that few styles get right. Making mid century modern work in your bathroom will only require a hand full of essential pieces that will pull the look together effortlessly, and fit in with the rest of your home.

There’s no doubt a white freestanding bath will help to put the modern in your mid century modern inspired bathroom. Couple a clawfoot bath with a dark oak basin and vanity, a brass swivel mirror, and wall sconces to finish the look. If you prefer to add more lighting, and a touch of extra style, a mid century inspired pendant light will add a dramatic effect to the space; the ideal spot for a long hot bath flicking through (hmm ok, more like repeating) your favourite songs, taking it all in through your wireless speakers.

this is a mid century modern bathroom by on the ball bathrooms

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Be on-trend with a modern inspired bathroom

The modern bathroom is a perfect blend for a home that combines form with functionality; often a look found in contemporary or Scandinavian inspired homes. Other styles including mid century modern or vintage can take a bit more planning to get the specific design elements right, whereas modern interiors allow for more wiggle room on the style of a space. It’s a look that can be easily added to, and it can evolve with you over time.

To get the look, opt for a sleek freestanding bath to contrast marble floor or wall tiles, accompanied by a modern double basin that has a contemporary look to it. Modern design often includes industrial elements to underpin the functionality of the interior style; that’s to say mixing elements is encouraged when it comes to a modern bathroom, otherwise, it’s easy to make the space look cold and lack character. Add an industrial-inspired bathroom mirror to pair with classic bathroom wall lights for the modern glow, with an array of beautiful ribbed green vases for a touch of colour.

this is an eclectic shower with blue tiles by the modern house

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