Top 12 Home & Interior Design YouTube Channels To Follow

From DIY projects to home tours, we've pulled together our favourite YouTube channels to get you started on your home renovation journey.
Top 12 Home & Interior Design YouTube Channels To Follow

You’ve started your home renovation journey. And now, you’re on the lookout for inspiration to fuel the creative endeavors and learn from those who have been there, knocked down that wall.

To say social media can be used as a source of inspiration is an understatement. In many ways, what we see on Pinterest and Instagram is what nudges us to take the next big step. By hearing about the experiences of others it’s possible to avoid mistakes made when renovating and decorating your home; although no promises of completely avoiding hiccups along the way.

There’s certainly no shortage of inspiration for interior design, but knowing where to start can be a mind field. From DIY projects to home tours, we’ve pulled together our top 12 YouTube channels to follow.

Home Renovations & DIY

Emily Henderson

Stylist, author, and TV host, Emily Henderson has taken over the world of interior design with her vintageā€”inspired aesthetic that many of us have fallen in love with. Her channel, with 48.5k and counting subscribers, encapsulates everything from finding your interior style to client makeovers whose gratitude is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

The Sorry Girls

A fantastic duo who have created their channel as a means to focus on self-empowerment through DIY. The Sorry Girls‘ projects and renovations are filled with creative ways on how to tackle challenges that come up when it decorating your home. Whether you want to learn how to use an impact drill, or how to DIY your fireplace, The Sorry Girls have its covers.

Happi Habitat

A relatively new channel and yet Gemma Samuels, host of Happi Habitat, is giving us so much inspiration with the makeover projects she has worked on with her clients. Much of Gemma’s work has mid-century modern aesthetic written all over it, and we love it. As well as home tours, each video goes into detail about why she has made specific interior decisions, giving viewers an opportunity to learn about interiors from the perspective of a designer.

Laura Melhuish-Sprague

From shopping hauls to renovation planning, Laura Melhuish-Sprague has been vlogging her home renovation journey over the last few years. Her channel gives an amazing insight into the before, during, and after of making a house a home, and it’s as much about renovating a home as it is about, well life; sharing the peaks and troughs of getting an idea over the finish line.

Interior Trends & Tips

nook & find TV

Our blog covers a lot of ground when it comes to interior design, and how to achieve specific styles; including mid century modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian, and shabby chic. We launched nook & find TV earlier this year to give you our latest finds and tips for renovating or decorating your home with affordable and stylish products that work seamlessly together. Tune in with me every Thursday by subscribing here.

Nick Lewis

Whatever your interior design question, Nick Lewis has you covered. His channel is an honest take on emerging interior trends, as well as those that have had their day. His approach to interior styles comes with an emphasis on how to make a look timeless, instead of trendy and that’s a huge difference when you’re working on a budget. In just under a year, Nick has built a community of 184k subscribers, and honestly? We’re not surprised.

Studio McGee

If you love interiors, there’s no doubt you’ll have come across the work of Studio McGee. Husband and wife, Syd and Shea McGee have been working together on building an interior design studio that has taken the world by storm. They’ve redefined coastal and farmhouse-inspired interiors by blending modern elements throughout all of their projects. Studio McGee’s channel is packed with design tips, home tours, and a glimpse into their own home renovation journey.

Posh Pennies

Making decorating a home easy and affordable are the words everyone wants to hear when starting out on their home and decor journey. From DIY hacks to priceless IKEA finds Vivien, host of Posh Pennies, shares everything she knows on how to decorate a home on a budget and tips on transforming objects such as traffic cones (yep) into a side table.

She Holds Dearly

Simple does it. Sarah, the host of She Holds Dearly, has an eye for how to work vintage thrifted decor into any home. Her channel looks to make decorating simple, while also making the end result unique. With farmhouse interiors being Sarah’s expertise, She Holds Dearly is on to watch for whenever you’re looking for tips on how to style your home with mix and match, old and new decorative pieces.

A look inside the homes of others

Design Notes by House & Garden

A short-film series of home tours that will inevitably fill you with country and cottage inspiration. The House & Garden blog is synonymous with interior design, and their channel is no different. From designers to authors, their whimsical aesthetic is perfect for anyone, really but if it’s vintage originality that you’re after, Design Notes is one to watch.

Open Door by AD

Think no expense spared, and a lot of glam. A look inside celebrities’ homes from around the world is a hobby in itself, right? AD has been leading the way in showing the best of architecture, style, and culture when it comes to interior design. Their Open Door series is a showcase of homes that ooze creativity and a reflection of the artistic nature of the celebrities themselves. In all honesty, once you watch one you’ll be hooked.

The Cut

A showcase of homes that have been defined by Wendy Goodman, New York Magazine’s resident design expert, as outrageous, extravagant, and unusual. Quite the intro for the homes shown in The Cut ‘Interior Lives‘ series and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint. While short, the films are bursting with eclectic designs that, regardless of taste, will leave you feeling inspired.

Never Too Small

More often than not, small spaces call for big ideas. Never Too Small has dedicated itself to sharing innovative designs for small spaces, including studio apartments and self-contained projects. As more people live in cities and find themselves a home in urban places, thinking about creative ways to improve the quality of life in confined spaces is an exciting challenge in and of itself.

If there’s a blogger you’d like to see on the list, please submit their channel to us at [email protected]. Happy watching!

Photo credit: House & Garden

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