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Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season with 3 Essentials

As winter coming rolling in, it's time to action the things we keep putting off inside our homes before the cold sets in. By focusing on these three essentials, you'll ensure a snug and warm home throughout the winter season.
Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season with 3 Essentials

With winter season coming you’re probably wondering how you’re going to keep your home as warm and toasty as possible. And listen, we love the big cosy blankets and will continue to advocate for them. However, the winter can be tough on your home, and luckily there are solutions to make sure that your home is as warm as it can be and your teeth are not chattering.

Keep your home warm this winter season

A cold home can make life miserable during the darker months, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you get things fixed ahead of time. We’ve created a short checklist of some of the things we recommend to have in place before the winter season kicks into gear.

Invest in a new boiler

If you have an older boiler that’s more than 10 years old, the chances are high that it may be struggling and is increasingly becoming less efficient. To make sure it doesn’t fail when you need it most, it’s best to invest in a new one before winter kicks in. Winter time is for frolicking in the snow with your friends and family; you don’t want to be struggling with your boiler when all you want to be doing it making snow angels.

Replacing a new boiler not only makes sure you have a warm home this winter, it can also make a huge difference when it comes to energy savings. When choosing your boiler make sure to consider it’s own cost, Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency percentage, and environmental implications of the fuel it uses.

Another aspect we recommend you consider is the size of your home and it’s venting requirements; an improperly sized boiler can lead to inefficiency and increased energy consumption.

this is an example of having a fireplace to keep a house warm this winter season, featured on The Modern House

Time to fix, or clean, your fireplace

Your fireplace is the trojan horse; you can count on it to keep your home warm and ensure that it’s reaching the cosy requirements throughout the winter. That said, it’s important to remember that fireplaces only function well when they’re taken care of. Like the rest of us.

You can call in a chimney sweep to get your fireplace looking its best, and if there are components that need to be fixed, we recommend that you go ahead and do so before the winter gets too cold. If you’re tired of handling smoke and soot and want to upgrade your life, you could even treat yourself to an electric fire.

Flame effect electric fires are remarkably smooth, sleek, and state-of-the-art, there’s no way your home is going to look common and ordinary with a fire like this. It does a great job of mimicking a natural wood-burning fire without all the smoke that can leave you coughing or rubbing your eyes.

Check your home’s insulation

Having adequate insulation will not only save you money on your bills but it will also allow you to stay warmer in your home. If it’s inadequate, it may be time for you to upgrade it. Now, we’re under no assumption; removing and installing insulation can be a lot of work. This is, however, one problem that we recommend fixing ahead of time as it’s not something that should be done at the height of winter.

Photo credits: The Modern House

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