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12 Luxurious Mid Century Sofas For Your Living Room

Fear not, we've saved you a few hours of looking for a stellar new sofa for your mid-century inspired living room.
12 Luxurious Mid Century Sofas For Your Living Room

When it comes to mid century modern interiors, as tempting as the vintage pieces might be, there are many ways you can weave in elements of mid century modern design without needing to stretch too far outside of your budget. From tapered legs to experimental ways to bind materials together, mid century has found a place in the hearts of design fanatics, and we can’t say we’re too surprised.

Choosing a mid century modern sofa

When you look through the history of mid century designs, you’ll find the iconic designers of that era loved daybeds. And chaises. And sofas. Now, if there’s ever a piece of furniture that warrants the long nights of online browsing and the hours spent mooching around department stores it’s the sofa. If you’re still deciding on what type to go for, and how it’ll work inside your mid century modern inspired home, I’ve collected our favourite piece for 2021 and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat.

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Generally, daybeds are made for lounging in. And napping, of course. They’re a popular addition to small living spaces needing multipurpose furniture, used as a couch during the day and used as a bed at night. Look for wooden or metal frames, with tapered legs and ideally, one that comes with a mattress. The most iconic mid century daybed was designed by Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona daybed. Style it by having it in a floating position in the room and with bolstered cushions.


You might be asking, is there a difference between a daybed and a chaise? There is and while it’s only slight, it’s worth considering when looking to buy the right piece of furniture. ‘Chaise lounge’ is a French term meaning ‘long chair’, and they’re typically upholstered seats for one and is meant for reclining in. You can buy them individually or find them adding to 3-seater sofas.

2–Seater Sofas

Sofa shopping is a big deal. To find the right sofa for your home we would recommend mapping out your ideas and the vision for your living room before getting stuck into buying. For a mid century modern living room, there are plenty of designs to suit different tastes, from soft leather to velvet chesterfields, here are some of our favourites 2-seaters…

3–Seater Sofas

If you’re in the market for a gorgeous 3-seater sofa that offers comfort, style, and curves across your living room, your options are endless and come in at an affordable price. Mid century modern sofas range from styles that resemble Knott classics and other a hint of Danish design. Here are our favourite 3-seater sofas, most listed are customisable and give options on the fabric type and colour, from royal blue to mustard yellow.

Photo credits: 1. The Modern House

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