12 Stunning Mid Century Modern Indoor Plants for Every Home

From pet friendly to air purifying, feast your eyes on indoor plants and brighten up any room with nature inside your room.
12 Stunning Mid Century Modern Indoor Plants for Every Home

The trend of indoor plants has been on the rise for a long time. The popularity of bringing the outdoors in was a key design principle of mid century modern. Designers and architects flocked over blurring the lines between the outside and indoors, and it comes as no surprise. Indoor plants are the ideal remedy for relaxation and calmness after a long day.

The best of mid century modern indoor plants

Today, indoor plants have claimed the title of being a productivity hack by supporting our well being. They’re taking over our living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that knocks out the balance between empty space and decor. And honestly, it’s we love it. They’re as much a wellness companion as they are a stunning feature inside a home.

this is a mid century scandinavian home with indoor plants

Where to buy indoor plants for your home

The rise of indoor plants will stay with us for a long time and because of that, there’s a greater variety of what types of indoor plants you can purchase. Now, you can bring Mexico to you with a rare breed of Pachira Aquatica, the beautiful braided Mexican money tree. Or Africa with what’s known at the Mother in Law Tongue, whose variety stretches as far as 70 different types of Sansevieria that can be spread across West Africa, Southern Africa, and Madagascar. How you can go about purchasing them has changed too, plants on a monthly subscription? You betcha.

Whether you’re looking for plants to brighten up an empty corner of a room or corridor or to begin creating an urban jungle of your own, we’ve planted the seeds of our must-buys and favourite stores.

this is a vibrant mid century modern home with indoor plants


Imagine Tinder for plants. It’s 2021, how could it not exist? We’re slightly obsessed with it and in practice, it makes a lot of sense when you’ve got specific criteria you’re wanting to purchase for. Amongst their impressive range of plants for the home, ceramics, and much more, Bloombox offer a plant subscriptions make it all the more enjoyable for those building their own green oasis!


A house plant shop that was founded on making exotic plants easier to get hold of at a sensible price. A much-loved store where plants sell out fast, perhaps because when you buy one, you end up buying five more… oops. We love the trailing plants as an earthly edition to a bookcase or simply hanging from the bathroom ceiling.

Patch Plants

Where is a plant doctor when you need one? Not only do Patch Plants have a gorgeous selection of indoor and outdoor plants, but they also have an entire online plant course that talks about everything from picking the right plant through to pruning them. If that still doesn’t do the trick, they have a plant doctor on hand.

Leaf Envy

A succulent collection of indoor plants that have been carefully selected. Leaf Envy fell in love with nature and are wanting to make the urban jungle possible in any home – from beginner plant owners who are looking for plants that are hard to kill, to pet owners who are looking for plants on that safe side and are pet friendly.

Beards & Daisies

They call it Plant Parenthood because it really is that rewarding. Beards & Daisies have a huge collection of plants to choose from for your home, notably air purifying plants that brighten up a room and cleanse the airs from toxins.

Photo Credit: Historiska Hem

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