Creating a Gallery Wall? 12 Iconic Prints to Get Started

Spruce up your home with a stand-alone piece of artwork, or show off your favourite pieces with a gallery wall to add an entirely new dimension to your home.
Creating a Gallery Wall? 12 Iconic Prints to Get Started

Deciding on how to jazz up your space has a lot to do with the decor you choose; those little antiques and treasures found on travels or at the market, placed on top of a shelf or in a glass cabinet. But, how often are walls left bare? Whether with stand-alone pieces or as part of a gallery wall, hanging art up in your wall can add an entirely new dimension to your space, and offers endless opportunities to spruce up your home.

When sat amongst all of the furniture in your home, art can make a home more human. That said, choosing art for your home may not always come naturally. Like wallpaper, these are big investments and personal to you so you may find yourself riddled with questions on what sizes work where, and if you can bring different pieces together in a collection as a gallery wall. These questions are not unusual and, if anything, is expected especially when working with a blank canvas (aka your walls). If you’d rather skip to the juicy parts, I’ve summarised everything in the video below.

a collection of art in a home featured on Inigo

Choosing gallery-worthy art for your home

Now, if ever there’s was one place to start when it comes to choosing art for your home it’s simple: finding pieces you’ve fallen in love with. If you love the pieces, then you’ll love how it looks. It’s almost as easy as that and that’s where I’d encourage anyone who is considering investing in art, to start. So, where do you go to find them? What I love about the art world is the fact that it’s vast, and filled with opportunities to find wonderful historical and famous prints, as well as unique pieces by modern artists that can be hung on the wall by itself or as part of a gallery wall to reflect the story of your home.

As with many things in design, the more you uncover the more you’ll want to learn about it whether that be about the different artists across generations or the array of styles. For me, I particularly love abstract and pop art pieces, their differences leave plenty of space for you to curate a collection that is open to interpretation, is a nod to your character and interests, and transforms the space with a fun, vibrant aesthetic. What’s not to love?

large canvas artwork in a colourful london townhouse by living etc

Abstract art for thoughtful moments

Let’s start with abstract prints. Abstract art is all about what the viewer takes from it; it’s deeply personal and the interpretation of each piece can be different depending on who you ask. The notion of ‘art is subjective’ truly comes into fruition in abstract art. Best places for abstract pieces will be in the living room or dining room, ideally in a space where you feel comfortable to can sit and observe the artwork to reflect on how it makes you feel. With this one, it’s all about the feelings.

Pop Art

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring. Need I say more? The iconic artists led the way in eclectic and dynamic creations that coined the term, pop art. Now, granted the original pieces may be well out of our price range, but you can now buy the timeless prints online that are amazingly priced and will make a standout display at home. Whether you decide to have the prints freestanding on a shelving unit in the office or depending on the vibe of your home, hung on the wall in the entry or hallway.

How to create a gallery wall

Before going wild on art (once you start, there’s no turning back) knowing exactly where you want to place it and how it’ll sit amongst the furniture and colours surrounding it will help in tying the room or space together. A great way to bring multiple pieces together including your favourite prints and personal photographs would be by creating yourself a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is designed to grow with you over time, meaning it doesn’t need to be rushed. Pieces can be added to the display as you go, and should include an interesting mix of genres; abstract drawings, a mix of colours, figures, monochrome images, personal photographs, and even your own or your children’s artwork wouldn’t look out of place here.

this is a collection of artwork as a gallery wall by commune design

If you’re looking to resemble the delicate uniform display often found inside Scandinavian homes, opt for the same colour frames to create a sense of flow with the prints and photographs while spacing the pieces out in a deliberate way. Whereas for a more eclectic, mid century modern, or vintage look and feel, play with the levels and measurements. It’s perfectly ok to space them however you please and to pull together a mixture of frames with different hues of colours, patterns, and ones that come of age for a more unique and sophisticated style.

Side note: If you find a piece of artwork painted on canvas then I’d recommend no frame at all, that way the focus is all on the art itself.

Timeless pieces that travel with you

The home is ever-evolving, a space that grows with you and changes with the seasons. So, once you’ve found the perfect sofa, along with other big features for homes, the natural progression comes with moving gradually away from ‘what do I need?’ to ‘what would I like?’ and art presents the perfect opportunity to come into your own and find pieces that are of importance to you. Pieces you know, if ever you decide to move to the next place, you’ll want to take with you.

Photo credits: 1. Est Living 2. Inigo 3. Living Etc 4. Commune Design 

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