The Farmhouse Colour Palette Is Simply Stunning

A guide on picking a colour palette and paint undertone to bring out your farmhouse-inspired home.
The Farmhouse Colour Palette Is Simply Stunning

Picking the colour for your home is anything but easy. When you have all the colours to choose from and plenty of ideas running around, finding the right one can be a task.

But you’ve chosen the farmhouse look. A style that looks beautiful in any home and can brighten any room. Luckily, when you’re going for the classic farmhouse look, the colour palette is less about making a statement and move about becoming the canvas for the furniture and decor to make their own.

The ultimate colour that we all know of farmhouse interiors all too well is white. A colour that can do wonders to small and large spaces, open up a closed room, and make use of the natural lights that shines through the windows. That’s not to say, it’s the only colour. Neutral colours with a soft undertone of beige or grey, also fall into the farmhouse colour palette which we’ll delve into a little more below.

Our guide on farmhouse colours

As with any project, it’s worth doing a bit of a run-through on what the end goal looks like. You may be starting entirely from scratch in your home or looking to do up a few rooms that have been on your list for a while.

First thing would be to take stock on what you’ve already got, and see how that falls in line with the look you’re going for. Then, when considering the rooms you’ll be painting take note on the floor plan: Does it have any windows? Is it small or big? This will determine the colour and tone that would work well in making the best use of the space.

Typically for the farmhouse look is centred around a neutral palette that is charming and compliments the use of antiques or rustic furnishing you decide you choose for your home. Whether you’ve decided to go classical, vintage, or french┬áthis guide will help to find what colours work best for you.


This is the white paint of dreams. If you’re going for the all-white look, this colour is the best one to go for and will go with just about anything you already have in your home. Pure Brilliant White is pristine, elegant, and can be jazzed up in just about any way you like.

this is a farmhouse colour, pure brilliant white

Surprisingly, there are a number of options to choose from when going for white. Absolute White has a slightly creamy undertone to it, making it the perfect colour for the farmhouse looks. Bonus, it’s light reflective meaning the colour helps to reflect twice as much light back into a room.

this is farmhouse colour, absolute white

Gorgeously white, with a very subtle grey undertone. As with most whites, Ultra White is a colour that makes a room feel spacious and bright, ideal for small spaces and works particularly well in a bedroom or living room, as they tend to have larger pieces of furniture.

this is farmhouse colour, ultra white

Cream & Beige

Cream or beige colours can be the perfect way to bring a soft, cosy feel into a space if you prefer something different you white. Morning Light is a laid back colour that demands very little and goes with just about anything.

this is farmhouse beige colour, morning light

The creamy undertone in Fine Cream makes this an ideal colour for a traditional farmhouse-inspired kitchen or entryway. Cream works perfectly to offset rustic decor and brings a sense of calm into a room.

this is farmhouse beige colour, fine cream

A darker tone of cream will lift your farmhouse-inspired home. Boutique Cream works particularly well on a feature wall, adding an elegant and luxurious look that binds well with lighter colours.

this is farmhouse beige colour, boutique cream


Highlighting the neutral elements in the room, Rock Salt offers a light grey that makes a subtle difference and will bring a room together by opening the space up with its soft, bright tone.

With a cool green undertone, Pearl Grey can work as a coverage colour for your kitchen and works especially well paired with white cabinetry. Prepare yourself for an Instagram-worthy shot.

this is farmhouse grey colour, pearl grey

Just because you’ve gone light doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a darker colour to bring out parts of a room. This Gallant Grey works perfectly for feature walls in bedroom or dining room, when combined with Rock Salt or Ultra White.

this is farmhouse grey colour, gallent grey

A Quick Note On Undertones

Most colours, when you’re roaming around a hardware store, will have a selection of what looks like the same colour. The colour that you see at a glance, is the mass tone. Whereas, the soft colour you notice once you’ve applied it to the wall, making a white look slightly pink, is the undertone.

The paint description will often include any secondary colours that have influenced the main colour, but if not, then the best way to identity undertones in a colour is to buy a sample and paint a small part of a wall where the light is bright.

If you’re yet to decide on what you think might work well in your home… fear not. We would recommend to keep looking out for inspiration, make friends with Pinterest for ideas, and follow these interior designers whose portfolios we absolutely love.

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