Top 5 British Interior Designers and Brands to Watch

Who are the best British interior designers of 2021? Our rundown of 5 British interior designers and brands that will leave you feeling inspired.
Top 5 British Interior Designers and Brands to Watch

We’ve found ourselves gravitating to a collection of designers and brands that are offering a different take on what’s typically be known of British interior design. While a constant source of inspiration, each of the names mentioned in this piece are offering a unique take on interior design that welcomes creativity, imagination, and in some cases stretches beyond what we’ve been used to inside our own homes.

British interior designers and brands to watch

Discovering new designers can unlock something in us, and can shape how we go on to design our own spaces. Today, the up and coming designers are presenting us with plenty of ideas and ways to add character to your space that, otherwise, can be difficult to find on the high street. So, what’s meant by ‘one’s to watch’? it’s to say we’re showcasing the British interior designers that have both inspired journeys and experiences, as much as they’re offering a look and feel completely different that can easily be brought into your home.

It has to be said, it’s no easy task to choose five amongst the sea of talent, but we’ve given it a go and we promise you’ll leave here inspired. From contemporary products to classic eclectic British design, we’ve found the 5 most influential British interior designers and brands of 2021. You can jump start to the TL;DR summary here.

Sister by Studio Ashby

After having graduated from Leeds University in 2010, moving on to study at The New School in Manhattan, New York, Sophie Ashby has carved a niche for herself since founding Studio Ashby, an interior design and creative direction studio. The studio effortlessly creates a cohesive sense through the use of artisanal designs, that one can live in and at the same time be inspired by. It’s hardly surprising to see Studio Ashby has taken the world by storm, and has grown massively in popularity amongst a younger audience.

Sophie and her team have a beautiful craft for combining modern interiors with vibrant, playful colours and textures within their residential and commercial projects, as well as in the collection of bespoke furniture selected for their interiors store, Sister.

this is the Soho 13 project by studio ashby

As an entrepreneur, Sophie is a force to be reckoned with; her studio has grown to a team of 12, and continues to venture out to seek the next, best opportunity in the world of interiors. Sitting outside of winning projects, Studio Ashby has an strong focus on bringing the next generation up and offering support to aspiring designers.

Following the momentum behind Black Lives Matter, the studio actively sought to address the inequality in interior design through United in Design (UiD), launched in collaboration with Alexandria Dauley, Lecturer and Interior Design of Dauley Design. The charitable organisation offers an industry-leading apprenticeship scheme that unlocks one-year paid placements for graduates and designers wanting to pursue a career in interior design.

houseof .com

We’ve seen a shift in modern design thats slowly moving away from familiarity and instead, invites personality and character to shine through one’s interiors. Now, granted we love a crisp, clean look. However, as more brands pop up and challenge what we’ve grown to become familiar with, the more we’re looking to see how we can buy products that help us to show our creativity rather than to hide it. This is nothing knew to, in fact this idea is what the brand has been built from.

They’ve been shaking up the interiors industry since 2019, with a collection of products that are nothing short of fun, playful, and colourful; the perfect brand for a home wanting to add in curved retro features that lift a space out of the ordinary.

this is a dining room by house at the athfield featuing a houseof light pendant

It’s rare to see D2C brands become such a hit in such a short amount of time. And yet, have done. It may be wealth of experience that the founding duo, Helen White and Michael Jones, have brought in to the products. They’ve spent over 20 years working with high street brands, and have spotted the shortcomings of big brands when it comes to creating products that are dynamic enough to work across a range of styles and personalities.

Fun fact, both Helen and Michael worked on the infamous and much-loved lighting range at BHS before deciding to go at it alone. Imagine that, but better and more versatile.

George Smith

Luxe interiors is having a moment, and long may it continue. George Smith is amongst the British interior designers that have made their way on to the international stage, thanks to their charming and classic range of interiors they offer. Arguably, George Smith has made a name for themselves whereby anyone that commissions them to work on a project knows exactly the look they’ll get on the other side. The brand needn’t compromise on their unique aesthetic to fit in, because it’s exactly that, that people want in their homes, restaurants, and hotels.

this is an office designed by george smith, a leading british interior designer

While our budget may not stretch to bring one of their pieces into your own home, there are certainly ways to either create your own George Smith inspired-bys with the fabrics they offer to purchase. Or you could take a walk through London, New York, or Paris where you’ll be greeted with the very best of George Smith’s designs. Stop off at Mayfair to cast your eyes on the majestic and lavish redesign of Annabel’s, acclaimed as one of the most elegant clubs in the world. Followed by dinner at Dirty Bones in Shoreditch, where you can sprawl out on one of George Smith’s lavish velvet sofas.

Claybrook Studio

A showroom based in Shoreditch and virtual consulting service online, Claybrook Studio have covered the basis when it comes to renovating, or decorating a home, that has put tiles front and center as the statement piece inside a home. Their unique designs of tiles beautifully represent the expertise and diverse experiences of the team themselves; noted in their story that the team is made up of everything from former theatre set designers to conceptual artists.

this is claybrook studio laying their mosaic marble tiles

The studio have woven historical elements of interiors into the way that we decorate today, through each and every one of their tiles. Better yet, they offer a design service that makes choosing the perfect tiles for your home less of an afterthought and rather a piece to the interior puzzle for any renovation project that truly helps to tie a space together; through the use of colour, textures, and patterns.

Matilda Goad

A love for classic design, chintz, and rummaging around for preloved items shines through Matilda Goad‘s collection. Somehow the London-based Designer manages to put a modern twist on pieces that some would argue could only fit inside a shabby chic inspired home. If anything, Matilda shows how you can bring in whimsical, playful ceramic pieces could easily fit in most styles, including Mid Century Modern or Japandi.

this is matilda goads home renovation, a leading british interior designer

Founded in 2016, Matilda has filled her store with wonderfully unexpected pieces including the much-loved scalloped-edge rattan lampshades, you simply never knew you needed. Her attention to detail and eclectic designs have been recognised over the years, so much so she’s soon to be launching the brand on Matches Fashion, an incredible achievement for an up and coming designer and especially so to continue featuring pieces that are true to what you love.

Photo credits: 1-2. Studio Ashby 3. Yasmin Fatollahy 4. George Smith 5. Claybrook Studio 6. House & Garden

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