Steal The Look: French Farmhouse

Indulge yourself in the charm of French interiors and find out how you can bring it into your home.
Steal The Look: French Farmhouse

There is much more to farmhouse interiors than what first meets the eye. It’s origins go back centuries, and there’s a different take on the style depending on where about you are in the world. Generally, the American farmhouse style is most common in the world of interiors but scratch (or google?) a little further and you’ll uncover the variety of cultural takes on farmhouse interiors; From coastal to country, Tuscan to Scandinavian.

Today, we’re showing off a beautiful example of a French Farmhouse and how you can get the look inside your home. The French elegance and charm is one many of us dote on, yet perhaps shy away from of our fear of perhaps not getting it right or missing the mark. Yet with just a few simple touches, your home can imitate that of an old french farmhouse, and retain the European sophistication you wished for.

Get the Look: French Farmhouse

Living Room

1. Sofa | 2. Cushions | 3. Side Table | 4. Vase | 5. Rug

Dining Room

1. Chandelier | 2. Cabinet | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Mirror | 5. Candlesticks | 6. Dining Table | 7. Dining Chairs


1. Pendant | 2. Taps | 3. Cabinetry | 4. Vintage Tableware


1. Table Lamp | 2. Bedside Table | 3. Textured Duvet Set


Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty

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