Stunning Unique Home Essentials We’re Bringing Into 2021

We've created a list of essential pieces from independent makers and boutiques we'll be taking with us into the new year.
Stunning Unique Home Essentials We’re Bringing Into 2021

As we slowly move into 2021, I’m rummaging around for words to describe 2020. I mean, what a year. I imagine for many (myself included) it’s taken a lot of energy and resilience to get through this year. And, there have been some undeniable truths to come out of these times of hardship.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever spent this much time at home. When we softly launched nook & find in September, the idea to inspire and spark moments of creativity in the setting we’re spending most of our time in felt right as much as it did timely. The learnings to have come from a year like 2020 are vast and different for everyone, but there are a few that many of us seem to resonate with.

Our 2021 unique essentials guide

Whether it’s putting as much time into self-care as we do our work, valuing the time we are spending with others, or creating a living space that is a sanctuary to restore and feel at home in. This year has nudged us to recalibrate, and to push on with the endeavours we insisted we never had time for.

We’ve spent some time creating a list of essential pieces that are totally worth taking into the new year with us. They’re all pieces from independent makers, artists, and stores found on Etsy which makes them especially unique.

Trying something new

this is an etsy feed for creative projects

  1. Pom Pom Ribbed Scarf Knitting Kit
    Not only is it the perfect pass time, but the end result of turning your hand to knitting means you’ve made yourself something special as well as useful. If you’re just getting started, a prepared knitting kit with all the essentials is the best place to start.
  2. Artbook Tutorial Kit & How-To Painting Sketchbook
    Learn how to paint with the guide of one of the top 20 watercolour artists in the world. The step-by-step guide has detailed instructions and tells you exactly what and where to paint on the stunning scenes of France or Italy. This thoughtful kit makes working with watercolours seamless and enjoyable.
  3. Rub On Floral Transfers
    If you’re wanting to do DIY and add some zest to your furniture with a beautifully detailed floral print, these rub-on transfers will make it super easy for you. The dark shades are perfect for creating a whimsical ambience in any room.

Taking time out for you

this is an etsy feed for self care

  1. The Check-in Journal
    This check-in journal is beautifully designed and makes it easier to get thoughts down on paper when you’re in need of a little prompt. It’s compact enough to take with you or to have rested by the side of your bed.
  2. Bamboo Diffuser
    If like me, you’ve fallen in love with aromatherapy and essential oils then you’ll love this bamboo diffuser. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also sustainably sourced.
  3. Handmade Shea Butter Soap
    Because you can never have too much soap. From Cinnamon and Orange to Grapefruit and May Chang these handmade shea butter soaps are simply gorgeous.

Reimagining your living space

this is an etsy feed for reimagining your living space

  1. Vintage Industrial Walk-in Wardrobe
    An open wardrobe can make a stunning addition to a bedroom. I love the modest design of this wardrobe and can work particularly well for any interior style. From vintage to minimalism, the rustic oak finish makes the statement you’d always dreamed of.
  2. Genuine Leather Desk Mat
    Making the last few finishing touches to your home office has just become easier with this dreamy leather desk mat. There’s a selection of colours including burgundy, chocolate brown, and ocean blue; all of which look like they could slip into anyone’s home and look divine.
  3. Wall Mounted Planter Stand
    You can never go wrong with greenery. And these wall mounted planters are the perfect addition if you’re wanting to save space and bring a little bit of greenery into your home. The wood-carved panels are modular in design, meaning you can rearrange them to your heart’s content.

A light touch goes a long way

this is an etsy feed for small decorative features

  1. Grey & White Hand Painted Furniture Knob
    Changing the knobs of a piece of furniture is a simple yet elegant way to revitalise an old piece of furniture. These beautifully hand-painted grey and blue knobs are unique in design and would bring a touch of elegance to any cupboard, chest of drawers, or cabinets.
  2. Ceramic Olive Oil & Vinegar Dispenser
    Ceramic vases are my go-to when it comes to finding pieces that are practical, durable, and stunning. I especially love these bottles with an abstract landscape painting, their turquoise glaze makes them look as though they could be an ornament fit for a bookshelf.
  3. Striped Vase Art Paint
    Created by the talented artist, Jodie Smith. Whether you’re wanting to lift a minimal hallway or living room by adding some colour or add to a collection on a gallery wall, this spring-inspired print is beautiful.


Photo credits: Flax & Twine

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