6 Ways to Bring Elegant Coastal Decor into Farmhouse Interiors

A style that has made waves by taking a pinch of one style and combining it with another is: the Coastal Farmhouse.
6 Ways to Bring Elegant Coastal Decor into Farmhouse Interiors

The beauty and sought-after look of farmhouse interiors are not only down to its traditional and elegant design. The main elements of what makes up farmhouse interiors create a foundation to build on and can be styled in new ways for those wanting to add a touch of something blue to the traditional farmhouse look.

When it comes to combining styles, one particular trend that’s since made wave in the land of interiors has been Coastal Farmhouse. Where the style takes a pinch of decorative elements that you’d typically find inside a beach house or a coastal home and combines it with the rustic and traditional elements of farmhouse interiors.

How to add coastal decor to farmhouse interiors

In keeping with the traditional elements of farmhouse interiors; the shiplap walls, light and airy colour palette, practicality, and comfortability. The layers of coastal interiors shine through by the choice of decor, hues of blues, furniture, and lighter wooden natural materials that create a beautifully serene aesthetic when brought together. We’re setting our eyes on the elegant features of coastal decor and sharing how to bring them into your home in 6 simple ways.

Add A Touch of Blue

Because it wouldn’t be coastal without the inspiration of water. To embody the coastal farmhouse look, add a touch of blue hues into your home, from a creamy white to navy, the colour works beautifully when contrasting with white elements. Use the colour to highlight aspects of your home or soften the room with blue, chunky materials.

Snap Up Some Bistro Chairs

Bring the beach to you by going for french inspired bistro chairs to set around your kitchen island. This addition brings a real sense of coastal living into a home, and their rattan frames help to bring the outside in, effortlessly.

Opt For Natural Elements

The hallmark for coastal farmhouse is the relaxed look and feel of the interiors and decor. Embrace the colours of nature and opt for natural elements when furnishing and decoration your home, to round off the look perfectly. Make use of reclaimed wood, particularly when choosing a dining or coffee table – if the wood is slightly darkened than you’d like,  consider painting it white to add a distressed, rustic look.

Find Playful Floor Tiles

Coastal farmhouse loves a soft pattern that enriches a room rather than overpowers it. It may not always be entirely obvious on how to spruce up your bathroom, but patterned floor tiles is a stunning companion particularly when the surrounding lean more towards a neutral colour palette.

Add In Barn Doors

A feature that is most beloved in farmhouses is the sliding barn door. They’re a wonderful feature that brings an authentic atmosphere, looks undeniably charming, and retaining a modern style that opens up a space. A traditional farmhouse barn door would have a criss-cross or z shape on both sides while painting it all white brings together the coastal vibe.


Mix-&-Match Your Textiles

When it comes to choosing fabrics and decorative elements in your home, you’ve got a fair few options to go for – think nautical, strips, or checkered patterns. When working with patterns, it’s important to bear in mind to approach them with lightly to keep colour and patterns balanced evenly. Consider chunky cotton or light linen to give that coastal feel.

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