Inside The Awe-Inspiring Traditional Farmhouse With A Touch of Vintage

If the idea of bringing two styles together is daunting, this home may be the inspiration you're looking for.
Inside The Awe-Inspiring Traditional Farmhouse With A Touch of Vintage

Let’s talk mixing styles. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that combining elements from two interior styles can be daunting, if anything, can feel risky. ‘Will this go with that?’ ‘Will it feel confusing or tell the story I want it to tell? Time and time again, we come across homes that are nothing short of inspiration on how you can taking the foundations of one interior style, and finessed it with another. And that’s to say, more often than not, the risk pays off and can work magically in sharing more of who you are in the home you’ve built for yourself.

We’ve talked at length about farmhouse interiors and how the style has effortlessly made its way into our homes for one reason or another, by it the crisp shiplap walls or gorgeous wooden beams spanning across a home. Perhaps another reason for it is because the elements that make up a farmhouse home are both simple to replicate and build on, should you want to add a personal touch to it.

When a traditional farmhouse goes vintage

Taking what we’ve found on farmhouse-inspired kitchens blended with everything from eclectic to Scandinavian as well as mixing the traditional farmhouse look with modern accents, it clear to see that the possibilities are endless. We’d hope that sharing the versatility of the farmhouse style may well inspire you to experiment with it and show off your own take on it.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to bring the farmhouse look and balance it with your love for vintage? Well, we’ve found the most beautiful home styled by interior designer Leanne Ford. Ford chose to take a risk by layering traditional farmhouse features with vintage elements such as blue kitchen cabinetry paired with a light blue marbled countertop and the rustic antiques placed throughout the entire home. A home to add to our mood board? Definitely.

Photo Credits: Leanne Ford

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