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The 8 Stores We Love For Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor

Discover an entire world of stores bringing stunning country-inspired, weathered, and eclectic furniture and decor in to our homes.
The 8 Stores We Love For Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor

You’ve designed your shabby chic mood board; you’ve made markings on walls; shuffled a few things around to make space or perhaps you’re starting from a blank slate. The exciting part is yet to come. That’s right, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and go on the treasure hunt for the ultimate pieces that will inevitably make a house a home.

There was a time when the only option to finding your goods was grabbing a trolley big enough to carry a living room, walk through a warehouse in an orderly famous (Note: never go against the current in IKEA, it is mayhem) and waiting in line deliberating “have I forgotten anything?”. Lucky for us, today we live with the world at our fingertips. Whatever it is you’re looking for, be it an 1800s antique or the latest collection, you can visit four shops in a space of an hour (or two) having ordered everything needed.

Not to toot the horn of online shopping too much, because let’s be honest there is something lovely about putting a day aside to roll yourself around on a mattress to then whisk yourself away for coffee. That said, shopping online makes it much easier to discover unique boutiques and own labels that offer something different to what we might find on the high street.

There’s something for everyone, and when we look at shabby chic there’s an entire world of stores bringing stunning country-inspired, weathered, and eclectic furniture and decor waiting to be swept up and take a place in our homes. If like me, you decorate gradually building upon pieces over time or you prefer to do it in one go (a superpower), we’ve created a go-to list for beautiful shabby chic inspired interiors that will look divine in any home.

Maker & Son

A family-owned sofa brand that puts comfort at the heart of everything. Not only do Maker & Son‘s products look unbelievably comfortable, but they’re made with natural materials making them ethically comfortable too. The collection offers a range of chairs, sofas, and beds that are customizable in colour and fluffy pillows. There are few things as dreamy as their Song Love Seat and their easy-to-fit covers make it possible to switch up the colours in a room effortlessly.

this is a linen shabby chic love seat with a footstool by maker and son

Maisons Du Monde

Maisons Du Monde has a beautiful collection of decor and furniture that suit the chic style perfectly. Both practical and elegant, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to finding pieces for every room in the house. If it’s the french-esque look you’ve gone for, and you’re on the hunt for items that look slightly aged and full of class, their whitewashed linen armchair, and mango and acacia wood chest of drawers make for a stunning addition to any home.

this is a gold brass mirror with a dark shabby chic inspired chest of drawers

Sustainable Furniture

A Cornish family run business that looks to exclusively sell products that have been ethically and sustainably sourced. With full knowledge of their supply chain, Sustainable Furniture creates their beautifully designed and durable pieces from timber, ethically sourced from Devon and Cornwall woodlands. Couple their Murano dining chairs with the Ellena dining table and you’re in for a real feast.

this is a shabby chic inspired dining table and chairs by sustainable furniture

Feather & Black

Their entire existence is to make the bedroom the most serene and luxurious room of them all. Feather & Black have a stunning collection that is set to make you feel like royalty, making a good night sleep a dream. From mattresses to bedding, stools to wardrobes they’ve got everything and a bonus being that their Sienna collection is the perfect fit for achieving the shabby chic look.

this is a shabby chic inspired bedroom with wooden furniture


Now, there are so many places you can find lovely pieces of decor and textiles; but on my hunt for beautifully designed, feminine and playful pieces Anthropologie is certainly up there with one of my favourite brands. The distinctive designs and attention to detail make their collections wonderfully unique and the go-to companion for the smaller nook and crannies in your home.

I especially love their artist collaborations where they work with artists to create exclusive designs, such as these Wing & Petal mugs and Canape plates with illustrative floral designs and bespoke lettering. Alternatively, you might be after a new duvet set, in which case the Washed Percale Adina quilt is perfect.

this is a washed fluffy quilt by anthropologie


Shabby chic is a celebration of pastel colours, patterns, decor, and weathered pieces. Often finding those luxurious textiles that complement the aesthetic of a room can take time, particularly if you’re wanting to compare textures and colours. Well, OKA makes it a dream to find exactly want you’re looking for by using their cushion arranger to see what works well together and where they’re best placed on the sofa; they have basically thought about everything. I imagine their Nassau and Heshun covers paired with their pleated linen lampshade is a feast for the eyes.

this is a shabby chic inspired armchair with a pink cushion and chinaware

Graham & Brown

And finally, let’s talk walls. No room is finished unless the walls have been covered with glorious layers of paint or wallpaper; whatever suits your fancy. For a rich and luxurious glow, Graham & Brown has a collection that almost makes it difficult to choose what style to go for. A good situation for them to be in of course, but the question of “how many rooms do I need to have to be able to try them all?” looms at the back of my mind. Perhaps we flip it to, “how many times do I get to redecorate to try them all?”, ah now that I can work with.

For a shabby chic home, I would begin with their twining powder blue wallpaper coupled with their Angel Dust and Plover paint.

this is a mood board designed by graham and brown

Little Greene

For slightly more subtle styles with pastel shades, Little Greene has a beautiful range that suits shabby chic perfectly. Whether you’re going for a feature wall or a pattern for all over, their wallpaper is eco-friendly making it no surprise at all that most of their designs are nature-inspired. Their botanical collection offers a soothing ambience to the room, whereas their feature wallpaper offers something much more eclectic.

this is a wallpaper by little greene with pastel shades and a bird

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