6 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

From sumptuous textiles to seasonal scents, these additions will make the wintry days feel chic and cosy.
6 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

As the winter chill settles in, there’s no better time to transform your home into a haven of warmth and luxury. Elevate your living space with high-end, cosy decor ideas that can shield you from the cold and add a touch of opulence to your place. From sumptuous textiles to seasonal scents, these additions will make your winter days chic and cosy.

Make your home cosy this winter

1. Wrap up in cashmere throws

Sumptuous cashmere throws and velvet cushions scream luxury, especially in winter. Our favourite brands, like AMARA and The White Company, offer a stunning range of high-quality soft furnishings. For a dynamic look, layer these throws with contrasting textures like a knitted blanket. Not only are they perfect for snuggling, but they also double as stylish shawls during chilly evenings. Choose rich, deep tones for an extra touch of sophistication for pieces that are timeless, and you’ll want to wrap yourself in year after year.

2. Set a warm ambience with lighting

Cosy lighting is essential for winter warmth. Consider dimmable lighting options to adjust the ambience as needed. From classic floor lamps to natural neutrals, layering lighting can add a sense of warmth to your home. Incorporating candles or fairy lights can create a more intimate glow while arranging lights at different heights can create a balanced look. Opt for styles that blend into your interiors and make a design statement.

3. Blend entertainment with comfort

When you’re looking to make your home a cosy hangout and a great spot for movie nights, a media wall fireplace is the ideal companion for combining comfort and practicality without compromising on style. When you’re not watching the TV, you can set the scene and simply light up a cosy fire in your living room using the media wall; all done without having to clear out the fireplace. A media wall is not just a winter wonder; it’s a year-round upgrade that makes staying in and lounging on the sofa all the more tempting.

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4. Add luxurious faux fur accents

Embrace the cosy side of winter with luxurious faux fur accents. Drape a faux fur throw over your sofa or bed, and add plush faux fur cushions for an extra layer of comfort. These items exude opulence and provide a welcoming atmosphere. Pair them with sleek, modern furniture for a sophisticated contrast and enjoy the ethical and practical benefits of choosing faux fur.

5. Get cosy with wool rugs

Enhance the cosiness of your home with a wool rug, helping to add warmth and style to your floors. Choose rich, deep colours to create a snug ambience in your living room or bedroom, and consider the right size and placement of rugs to maximise the benefits. Layering rugs add warmth and texture, and maintaining them properly will keep them looking plush and fresh.

6. Infuse your home with aromatherapy diffusers

Engage your senses with comforting winter scents. Aromatherapy diffusers can bring elegant design and beautiful seasonal fragrances into your home. Blend different oils like oud, cedarwood, or cinnamon to create a unique and warm atmosphere. While it’s impossible to go wrong with diffusers, placing them tactical can make all the difference when welcoming guests at the entrance of your home with a warm scent or in the bathroom for a spa-like ambience.

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