5 Inspiring Takes On Rustic Scandinavian Interior

The perfect combo that is often found in the small cottages in the rural parts of the Nordic country: Scandinavian meets Rustic.
5 Inspiring Takes On Rustic Scandinavian Interior

Taking a slice of one style to contrast it with another can be a challenge, but when accomplished it brings an artistic feel into a home that says ‘you know what you want and you’re not afraid to get it’.

The beauty of Scandinavian homes is that they can come in all shapes and sizes and historically have a different look to them depending on where you are in the region. From city apartments to countryside cottages, the principles behind the Scandinavian look stay the same but the materials and aesthetics vary.

A particular combo we love that is often found in the small cottages found in the rural parts of the Nordic country: Scandinavian and Rustic. The simplicity and cosiness of Scandinavian interiors combined with reclaimed wood and industrial features create an atmosphere that radiates warmth and a stylistic look that is unique. There is something undeniably comforting when you bring the old and the new together – a subtle reminder for us all that your house is home to countless memories and stories.

Rustic Elements in Scandinavian Interiors

Reclaimed Wood

A wonderfully effective way to bring the rustic look into your dining room is with a large reclaimed wooden table. The panelling of the table adds an industrial feel and can work beautifully with the characteristics of Scandinavian interiors. With a few simple golden or brass decor such as candlesticks paired with the different wooden tones, the room will ooze comfort and elegance.

this is one of the characteristics of Scandinavian interiors, reclaimed wood style with wooden floors and wooden table(1)

Warm Neutrals

When you think Scandinavian interiors, generally a picture of all-white everything will come to mind. However, that isn’t always the case and by bringing rustic into the mix – the colour palette welcomes the blush pinks and warm autumn glows that you’ve been craving for. Bring the subtle colours in through the use of simple pieces of decor (miniature vases are a Scandi-must), dried flowers, and contrasting textiles to work in the old rustic look.

Industrial Accents

Generally, a Scandinavian kitchen is sleek in its design; well-fitted cabinetry that stores away any nooks and crannies that otherwise would be left on the windowsill or shelf. A rustic Scandinavian kitchen, however, is slightly different. The emphasis on practically remains the same yet the look and feel is more worn in and resembles that of what you would expect in a rural old cottage. For the rustic look, there’s no need to shy away from industrial accents such as metal fixtures, and reclaimed wood for the cabinet and shelves.

this shows an example of industrial accents in a kitchen and with a Scandinavian twist(1) this is a rustic look Scandinavian kitchen with wooden shelves and a arga oven(1)

Wicker & Rattan Decor

Similar to the living room, a warm colour palette is your friend when it comes to achieving the rustic look in your bedroom (sanctuary). Keeping with the Scandinavian philosophy of making use of natural daylight, allow the light to bounce off the creamy, pink, and orangey colours to give off a warm glow in the room. Stay minimal on decor, but don’t be afraid to throw in wooden and natural materials for picture frames, plant pots, and a rug.

this is look at a rustic Scandinavian living room with a Wicker & Rattan Decor, minimal and natural accents(1) this is a bedroom with a warm colour palette in a rustic Scandinavian style(1)

Distressed Look

We love a Scandinavian home; even more so for the authentic, chic style that is often found in the garden (or balcony). The outdoors is a place for gathering, enjoying time by yourself or with others. Putting in as much thought and love into your garden as you would inside your home, could be the door to summertime parties and snuggly autumns. A simple way to bring the rustic look in your garden is to keep wood bare (yes, more wood) or if you prefer a slightly more distressed look, go for white paint to enhance the colours in the garden.

this is a outside a Scandinavian home with a focus on the distressed look with tables and chairs outside(1)

The rustic Scandinavian look offers this sort of country sophistication that can sometimes be lost in modern Scandinavian interiors. With just a few simple tweaks, you’re on your way to bringing the rural look and feel in your abode. And if ever you find yourself in doubt, buy a chunky throw to bring that sense of hygge that we all look out for, and sometimes crave.

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