Shabby Chic

We’re Obsessed: How To Bring Out The Country Cottage In Shabby Chic

A stunning home tour that showcases the feminine and elegant touch of shabby chic together with rustic elements of country cottage.
We’re Obsessed: How To Bring Out The Country Cottage In Shabby Chic

The characteristics of shabby chic make the interior style all the more endearing. By pulling influences from country cottages and french couture, the trend brings elements together that otherwise would be kept somewhat apart. The essence of shabby chic is to have the old and the new sing in harmony, and with that comes a bolstering of character and personality.

As with most styles, it’s always possible to adapt them and make it your own. Many offer guidelines on what works magically together to achieve the look while giving you the creative freedom to try something of your own. Shabby chic comfortably sit in that camp; while slipcovers, vintage gems, and natural elements make define the style, the scope on where you take it is up to you.

Country Cottage goes Shabby Chic

To lean into a particular style is personal. Perhaps you want your home to reveal some of your closest and dearest childhood memories; design it in a way that makes you feel calm and at ease; or upbeat and vibrant for your family and friends to enjoy. How ever you decide to decorate your home, taking a little bit of this and binding it with a little bit of that invites us into one’s vision of what, to them, feels like home. There’s something lovely about that.

This cottage, home to Jenna Sue, straddles between the country cottage and french elegance that binds shabby chic together beautifully. The femininity and cosiness is the common thread throughout the entire home and is emphasised with the use of rustic elements. How about we take a look around?

Make the first impressions count

An entryway could be seen as the first few pages of a book, stay with me. It sets the scene of the book’s narrative, gives a short glimpse of what’s to come and lets us into the world of the main characters who we’ll be going on a journey with. With just a small selection of pieces, essentials and decorative, a tight space can be transformed into one that invites guests in and makes them feel at home.

Create a sanctuary to restore

Often shabby chic can be associated with lots of decorative features and accessories, but that’s not always the case. By keeping the decorative elements to a minimum, this living room gives off a relaxed vibe and feels like a sanctuary to restore and unwind. The design organically brings light into the space with help of the natural elements such as wood and fabrics combined with a neutral colour palette, allowing the light to come in and reflect off the walls.

Balance practicality with style

The traditional features, such as the weathered table and wooden countertop complement the modern elements such as the brass overhead pendants and white tiling perfectly. The subtle balance between the two creates a space that is practical and stylish; bringing to light the true essence of shabby chic interiors. It is all about balance and this kitchen is a great example of that.

Add a feminine touch

An eye for the details is what I see in this dining room. The large farmhouse-style pendant hanging over a reclaimed wooden table defines the space as a room made for gatherings and long evenings with friends and family. Whereas the lace table runner, comfy loveseat, and the grandiose mirror with detailing around its frame feels like a nod to the feminine elements of shabby chic that we simply love to see.

Experiment with patterns

Floral accents and patterns can be a simple and elegant way to soften up a room with rustic elements often found within cottages. In this bedroom, the floral duvet adds a whimsical dimension to the room and aligns beautifully with the beige, white, and green colour palette. How you decide to bring in patterns – keep to one design or mix several – will come down to how confident you feel with them and the type of atmosphere you wanting to create. A light touch can go a long way.

Embrace the pastel colours

Unlike other interior styles, the shabby chic colour palette turns to light pastels to add a charming and nostalgic touch into a room. The pale pinks, powder blues, and mint greens are subtle enough to blend in with most decorative accents, yet bold enough to draw attention to the romantic look and feel of shabby chic design. If you’re want to stretch beyond white, these pastel colours, whether used on the walls, furniture, or fabrics, are a great option.

Keeping hold of the old

When renovating a home, it might be tempting to strip everything out and start fresh. But often, particularly inside cottages or Victorian homes, there are gorgeous authentic gems inside that can add a whole load of character that otherwise would be missed if you decided to get rid of it and buy new. Shabby chic is one of the few interior styles that encourages keeping hold of old, potentially imperfect pieces. All that to say, if you’re deliberating whether to keep the exposed brick floor or to get a reclaimed clawfoot bathtub, it’s no question.

Photo Credits: Jenna Sue Design

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