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Hosting? 4 Ideas for Entertaining at Home

A couple of small and big changes can transform a room to become the place for gatherings; making entertaining at home the little bit easier.
Hosting? 4 Ideas for Entertaining at Home

Whether you entertain regularly at home or hosting is a rare event, it’s as much fun as it is a lot of planning. Entertaining well means there are more things to think about, from the food and drink to who to invite and the dress code. All of these depend on the type of event you’re hosting. Yet, the design of your home can influence how regularly you decide to host, and if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for an excuse to get people over.

Upgrades for entertaining at home

If you’re looking to transform your home to be the place for gatherings or add finishing touches to make entertaining easier, there are a couple of big and small investments that could be worth making.

Set the ambience with lighting

Whether natural or artificial, having the perfect lighting is a topic we’ve covered at length, and for good reason. It goes a long way in setting the scene inside your home and creating the ambience you’re looking for in every room.

For us, lighting the main design feature. It can transform a room from being cosy and warm to feeling clinical and sterile. The latter is, of course, what we’re aiming to avoid and can be done by choosing natural light or soft and warm yellow tones rather than bright and white. It’s a simple consideration that can make a huge difference.

this is an example of a breakfast table in a kitchen, a key fixture for entertaining at home featured in the modern house

Time to update the kitchen

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties. In fact, you’ll find most people there. Kitchens are a hub and can easily become the place where guests spend most of the evening, regardless of whether you’re offering food or not. Your kitchen is likely to be on display when inviting guests over, making it a room that’s important to spend time considering when it comes to the layout, fixtures and design.

If space allows for it, one of our favourite pieces to install is an island and a breakfast table. They’re perfect for sitting around and gathering while you get to focus on preparing nibbles, pouring drinks, and hosting people. That said, making changes to your kitchen is no small feat. We recommend thinking carefully about how your kitchen looks currently and what options you have to make improvements within your budget and given timeframe.

this is an example of a comfy sofa, perfect for entertaining at home as featured in the design files

Choose comfort above all else

Replacing each piece of furniture in your home is not what’s needed to make a room great for entertaining. That would be expensive and wasteful. Instead, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading certain pieces or you’re in the process of purchasing new items in time for a home move, we recommend considering how you want your space to look and feel if planning gatherings is something you’re looking to do more of over the coming years.

Similar to the kitchen, the dining room is another hub in a home when entertaining. Inviting marble dining table and chair sets could be all you need when preparing for a sit-down meal or a low-key dinner party. If you’re thinking about hosting more girls’ nights, movie nights, or annual events like Christmas, creating a space to put your feet up, glass down and get comfy then investing in your living room might be a better option for you. The style and size of your sofa, along with a cosy armchair or a fluffy rug to sit down, can be perfect accents to designing a comfy living room that accommodates everyone and any event.

this is an example of using the garden for entertaining at home featured in The Modern House

Make good use of the garden

Topping off your event could be as simple as opening up your back door and taking people outside. There’s nothing quite like a garden party or BBQ during the warmer season or getting cosy outside with blankets, fairy lights and outdoor heaters or a fire during the colder months. To guarantee year-round entertainment, we would recommend investing in some form of shelter, whether that’s a gazebo or installing an awning over your patio.

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