Embrace Your Inner Gardenista: What Type Are You?

From the lounger to the host, our ultimate guide on getting your outdoor space ready for the summer.
Embrace Your Inner Gardenista: What Type Are You?

There’s a reason why doing up the garden adds value to a home. The work, effort, and imagination it takes to turn an unused or withered garden around take time and a lot of patience. That said, the recent research conducted by Love The Garden suggests a garden leaning more to the wild side has become quite the thing on Instagram.

Along with wildflowers, sit balcony gardening and ‘no dig’ gardening with raised beds have a similar ring to it; the days of pruning, mowing, and constant garden maintenance have had their time. And aren’t we glad to see it? It makes the idea of having to tend to a garden less demanding, and if anything more accessible for smaller spaces to come alive with the wilderness of flowers, edible plants, and plenty of greenery.

this is a garden by feather and faff with a black shed for storage

Should I pack up my garden tools? Not at all, a garden can be whatever you make of it. For some, it’s the place you come to relax in on a sunny Saturday afternoon, or where your children’s friends come around to play after school. The spot for BBQs and gatherings, campouts and star gazing. Growing herbs and vegetables.

It’s possible to re-imagine your outdoor space whatever it’s size, and how much you’d wish to maintain it. It’s an opportunity to have fun with your styling, and experiment with new ways to connect with the outdoors; letting it run wild or naturally flow with your indoor space. Depending on your style, we’re acknowledging that everyone uses the garden differently and to that, we’re diving into four garden types: The lounger, the host, the gardener, and the family. You might even be all of them, in that case, this is your ultimate guide to getting your garden summer-ready.

A garden for lounging

You’re the type to be on the lookout for peace and quiet. You chase the sun throughout the day and plant yourself in the spot, maybe several, where there’s enough sun with a light breeze. Your interiors may have a similar vibe to how you envision your exteriors; leaning into the Japandi style and create space for moments of zen or, in the case of Scandinavian, hygge.

Of course, the lounge set will be your most important buy. The main criteria being: How comfy is it? The Kochi Garden Corner Lounge set (£1,299) has claimed its position in everything we’d want when it comes to garden furniture. It’s beautiful in design, durable, and the cushions tick all the boxes of comfiness. Place a water features (£245) alongside it and you’ll have a hard time asking me to leave.

this is a garden for lounging by feather and faff

A windowpane outdoor mirror (£159) could work as a statement future in the garden and making the green space stretch far and wide with the reflection of the outdoor landscape. Its industrial look and feel is a beautiful addition that adds character you’d typically show off through your interiors. Are we suggesting bringing more of the indoors out? Being the lounger that you are, absolutely. Work in harbour cage lights (£55) with their subtle matt black finish and your garden will be oozing with comfort.

If you have less space or a balcony, a bistro table and chairs set (£170) makes for a classic and inviting addition to your outdoor space. Add a black and white outdoor rug (£38) and you’ve designed a space perfect for relaxation as well as a spot for alfresco dining for when it’s too nice to be inside.

A garden made for hosting

You’ll find any excuse for a celebration. A birthday? Of course. A national holiday? Why not. Sun’s out? BBQ’s on. Hosting for your friends and family is up there with your favourite way of spending a weekend or summer’s afternoon. You’ve always got recipes in mind you can’t wait to try out. Your drinks cabinet doesn’t know what empty looks like, and your friends love you for it. As someone who loves to entertain, a modern bohemian style garden is perfect for giving off the relaxed vibe that will make friends and family feel right at home.

this is a small back garden by scandinavian home

With outdoor beanbags (£295) along with a rattan 2-seater sofa (£249) and beaded cotton umbrella (£285) you are on your way to boho beauty like no other. To establish a more cosy look and feel, add in lantern lights (£19.99), beautiful statement chairs (£95), and a rug to finish off the look. If you’re thinking geometric and patterned, I particularly love this round Aztec outdoor rug (£49) or for a subtler option, this blush reversible rug (£295) would make a stunning addition. Likewise, a woven jute rug (£32) embraces the essence of a true boho-chic style.

these are lantern garden lights

Now, all that’s left to do is sit back, wait for the sun to set with soft music on in the background, while everyone chats away and the drinks flowing with the occasional offer to whip out a cocktail special. Hm yes, please!

A garden for the avid gardener

What it would be like to have an edible garden. Herbs sprouting, vegetables growing, and flowers that you could toss into a salad. Perhaps you’re already there, or you aspire to be and 2021 is the year you decide to get your tools ready for a clean up (and clear out). While it may seem like something you inherit, being green-fingered is as much a skill as anything out. There are so many resources out there that ween you into getting started when it comes to gardening particularly when it comes to growing your own plants.

this is a family garden with greenery

As an avid gardener or one to be, a planter stand (£70) or stand that is shelved (£95) are the perfect companions to giving a home to those herbs and succulents to brighten up your outdoor space. As well as being practical, they also add a lovely rustic aesthetic that you’d imagine finding in a quaint country cottage.

Find a trowel and fork set (£14) that you’ll love, and get started by sprinkling a selection of vegetable seeds (£6) into seedling trays (£21) that are biodegradable and can be moved into the garden without causing any damage to the plants. Once sprouted, place them into your terracotta pots (£20) or a gardening patch and add these beautiful marker steads (£3) to leave a note on what’s been planted where.

this is an example of seedlings

A garden for the whole family

Often the best family memories are made in the garden; be it campouts or BBQs. School projects that got us all learning and connection with the outdoors. It goes without saying that a garden is a place for the whole family to enjoy, but you’ll be happy to hear you can still add your own zest to it meaning you won’t need to compromise on style. With either little ones running around or preparing for a birthday, strong and sturdy furniture is a must. I particularly love the Ravenna Dining set (£825) for its classic design and convenience; you can simply pop the benches under the table when they’re not being used, saving plenty of space.

this is a back door with light curtains to a garden

A dining set welcomes late afternoon BBQs, it is worth investing in a BBQ that you can guarantee will be big enough for al fresco dinners and make cooking that little bit easier. A classic gas & charcoal 3 burner (£495) offers the choice between the slow cook of charcoal, for when you’re dipping in and out of cooking and chatting, or gas for when you’re looking to fire up a feast quickly. Now, if you’re in the UK you’ll be more than familiar with the rain. Adding a gazebo for when the weather takes a turn or when a little bit of shade is needed, the Blooma Gazebo (£291) is the perfect solution.

this is a workbench in a garden

With a few school projects under their belt, child-friendly gardening kits (£18) will be the go-to for the kids and no doubt a good way to start adding some herbs, fruits, and vegetables into the garden if you haven’t already. Once they’ve tended to their plants, releasing their energy by running around and making themselves a home in a playhouse can be the best way to create a garden that works for the whole family.

Either the Shire Kitty Playhouse (£270) or Shire lodge Playhouse (£1,735) if you’re looking for something more traditional, or if you’re looking for that will get the attention of everyone (no matter what age) a hanging bell tent will be a winner and is compact enough to be able to take with you on holidays, to festivals, and glamping trips.

Photo credits: 1-2. Feather & Faff 3-4. My Scandinavian Home 5. Design Files 6. Marnie Hawson 7-8. Planete Deco

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