A Cosy Night In: Christmas Edition

From scented candles to soft loungewear, our guide on the finishing touches to bring into your living room for the perfect cosy night in during the winter.
A Cosy Night In: Christmas Edition

In the run-up to Christmas and the days after, most nights warrants a cosy night in. There’s only so much preparation, planning and Christmas shopping that can be done before, well… you end up feeling a little bit exhausted. The irony. The festive lights, steamy windows, chunky jumpers, and endless cups of tea is what makes winter the perfect season for staying in, winding down, and ending the year feeling refreshed.

To make the most of your time, it’s worth having a handful of ideas under your belt on how to elevate a cosy night in. Whether you’re taking a soak in the bathroom and recreating a luxury spaspending the evening snug in bed, or sinking into your sofa, we’re here to tell you that it’s meant to feel indulgent. Thankfully, there’s no prescriptive way to go about it, as if we need more things to think about. But, there are finishing touches you can bring into your space to create a tranquil ambience that a cosy night in calls for.

Our guide on a cosy night in essentials

First things first: Hide away your devices and turn your phone on aeroplane mode. I know, it’s the what if’s that come with it, but there’s rarely been a time where I’ve been grateful for how much time I’ve spent on my phone after I’ve put it down. It’s usually the opposite. So set it and forget it; there’s food to be made.

this is a living room perfect for a cosy night in by fw made by carli

Let the comfort food simmer

What’s on the menu? For me, cooking a hearty soup from scratch with warm buttered rolls is the ultimate meal for a cosy night in. Usually, it’s the easiest of recipes that end up being the best. My go-to dish is chopping up my favourite veg (butternut squash, carrots, onion, celery, cabbage, etc.), adding chicken stock and letting it simmer in my Perfect Pan until the vegetables are soft with a little bit of crunch. The pan is massive; I tend to make enough soup to last a few days to be stored in the fridge and heated up later.

When it comes to cooking for yourself, a trick to making your life easier is to use cookware that’s easy to clean. It’s in the name; the Perfect Pot makes every recipe feel simple. The claim is that the pot can replace a dutch over, roasting rack, streamer, strainer, and stockpot; having used it, we understand why. It’s an essential for the kitchen and your saviour when you’re looking to rustle something up quickly or leave to simmer for a good few hours.

Hearty meal? Check. Now, the cosy atmosphere calls for warm, soft festive cookies to set the night off. My favourite is a batch of ginger and white chocolate homemade cookies paired with a cup of velvety hot chocolate.

this is a close up of hot chocolate for a cosy night in by fw made by carli

Set the scene with lighting

Creating a cosy atmosphere for you to relax in ultimately comes down to lighting. It feels like an unwritten rule; to get snug, the lights must be dim, switching off any harsh lighting and the main light with only candles and lamps left to radiate a warm glow. This time of year brings around some of the best scents, from spicy cinnamon to zesty orange; the winter has a decadent platter of fragrances that you can fill your home with.

Good enough to lounge in

The hunt for the perfect loungewear set has become a hobby over the last year. There’s a recipe to get right when it comes to finding loungewear for when you’re sinking into a herd of pillows on the sofa with a soft throw layered over you. A set that is neither too warm nor leaves you feeling a slight breeze. Opt for pyjamas or loungewear set with fleece inside or has a blend of thick material such as wool.

Whereas, as gorgeous as they are, silk and satin sets are much better for warmer seasons because of their cooling effect on the skin. For winter, go for cosy with (of course) a pair of chunky festive socks to match.

this is a close up of cushions by neptune, UK-based interior company

Indulge in your favourite films, games, and magazines

Now, you’ve got your food ready, drink served, and snuggled up on the sofa, it’s time to get stuck into the entertainment. Whether that be a game of Backgammon with somebody you’re sharing the night with, flick through one of your favourite magazines or fly through the Christmas films that bring back all the nostalgia. The night is young.

You may have watched The HolidayHome Alone 2Four ChristmasSanta Clause The Movie, or Love Actually one hundred times or none. Still, if there’s one perfect way to unwind and spend an evening, it’s getting engrossed in the journeys of other people and, let’s face it, often predictable storyline.

Photo credits: 1. Home on the Grove 2-3: FW Made by Carli 4. Neptune

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