Inspired by Luxury Hotel Bedrooms? Get The Look at Home

A hotel bedroom done well can satisfy all the sense, and inspire ways to bring the same vibe into our own homes.
Inspired by Luxury Hotel Bedrooms? Get The Look at Home

Spontaneously escaping to the city or heading for the coast. As the world begins to gradually open up again, many are planning their travelling routes. One of the most memorable moments is when you arrive at your hotel, checked in, doors shut, bags pushed to one side, and the sigh of relief. You’ve made it and the bed is glorious. Your home for the next few days, or weeks, is one you could quite easily get used to.

Get the luxurious hotel bedroom look at home

The bedroom is, as we’re spoken about at length before, is the sanctuary. The place of refuge. And when it comes to designing the space to suit everything relaxation, hotel rooms can be used as a source for inspiration whenever looking to bring in that luxurious and calming look that they’re ultimately experts in. Hotel designers have all styles and look at their disposal, and gather all the pieces necessary to make sure your time there feels luxurious and to sink into the surroundings. A home away from home.

this is the hoxton hotel bedroom overlooking london

What is it, then, that makes the hotel bedroom feel different? In many ways, it’s their simplicity and focuses on comfort. A hotel would always know to use Egyptian Cotton for bedding; ideal for those warmer days. Likewise, a good mattress can welcome you into the new abode as though you’ve always been there. A hotel bedroom done well can satisfy all the senses, and inspire ways to bring the same vibe into our own homes.

Creating a boutique hotel bedroom inside your home neither needs to cost a fortune nor need to come with a pool. There are many small ways to bring the serene vibe into your home, affordably and we’re here to share how.

Choosing a bed that’s hard to leave

The bed is ultimately the most important part of a luxurious stay and a good night’s sleep. But, it’s finding the perfect bed that can be the hard part. What do you need to look out for and what will work for you? Luckily, there have been brands working in the background looking to make answering these questions much easier. By recognising we all need something a little bit different, because well, preferences, they’ve created designs that are simple enough to choose from and can work across most interior styles.

this is the bedside of the hoxton hotel bedroom

As a brand that prides itself on its simple and easily assembled bed range, Emma has grown to become one of the most innovative brands in the sleep space and they’re everything you’d want from your bed. The fact they have only two options in the range suggests that the designs for them both have considered everything you’d expect of your bed, and much more. Their Platform Bed is the ultimate buy, and if you’d rather have one with a headboard they offer that too. Top the bed with luxurious flat white percale sheets from Christys, along with DUSK’s Egyptian Cotton bedding.

Using colour to create a calming ambience

The essence of every hotel room is to create a calming environment, good enough for you to feel at home. A way to bring a luminous feel into a room is with the use of colour. Whether you decide to bring colour in through the decor that you use or have the walls contrast with minimal textiles, choosing a soft neutral colour palette will add to the ambience of your bedroom that hotel rooms muster up perfectly.

When looking at paint colours, it’s always worth considering the undertone of neutral colours that could otherwise be mistaken for a crisp white or cosy cream. The Alderman No.60 from Mylands is not one to gloss over. The shade a light earthy green undertone to it, that will inevitably make a room feel and look serene.

Layer the lighting to set the tone

You’re never too far away from good lighting in a hotel. To set the mood. To get ready to tour the city. To take Instagram-worthy pictures. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a hotel room that’s stuck to the rule of the one big light. If anything, most if not all hotels have mastered the art of layering lights. A bedroom with a floor lamp, table lamp, and wall lights is a bedroom that can work exactly the way you’d like it to.

this is an entryway to the hotel bedroom in the hoxton, london

The temperature of your lights is an important part to consider, especially if you’re wanting to create a calming space that isn’t overbearing by a bright blue light. Consider lighting that’s warmer and have the same across the space, that way it’s possible to get the idyllic hotel experience you’re after… at home.

Awakening the senses

With the bed now in, duvet on. Walls painted, and lights fitted. Visually, it’s looking beautiful and yet there’s still one key feature to consider, and is one that’s often overlooked: aroma. It’s the scent sauce to any boutique hotel that’s looking to tap into all the senses when you stay with them and become the nuance features we’re drawn to. Choosing fragrances is one of life’s luxurious in and of itself. Who doesn’t enough walking around a store smelling bold, aromatic candles and getting a whiff of a strong diffuser?

this is the bathroom in the hoxton hotel in london

While candles are the favourite choice for many, ourselves included, when it comes to adding soothing senses inside your home, reed diffusers are, more often than not, the hotelier’s go-to purchase. A reed diffuser does all the hard work for you when it comes to having a constant fragrant flowing inside your home. They’re long-lasting and come in a huge variety of senses that work perfectly to invigorate the senses. Accompany with a fabric spray to add an extra touch to the textiles in your bedroom.

You’re never too far from a spa

Lastly, the delights of walking into a hotel bedroom and discovering the small selection of body care pieces in the en suite that are too good not to use. Again, it’s these small features that make a big difference, and you can of course bring a similar amount of excitement inside your own home with the products you decide to addn. Find products with a strong distinctive smell that you’ll want to smother yourself in, which has me thinking about everything Aesop.

The boutique brand has everything you want from body care, and their Reverence Duet will have you feeling like you’re in a coastal spa, living the dream.

Photo credits: The Hoxton

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