Modular Sofas: 7 Stunning Styles For All Spaces

Easily assembled and are designed to fit in pretty much any size space; big or small. Now, let's talk benefits.
Modular Sofas: 7 Stunning Styles For All Spaces

Though not a new concept, modular sofas have grown in popularity recently. We’ve been embracing retrofit design for a long time. Their aesthetically flamboyant puffiness. Vibrant colours. Italian chicness. If like me, you love the idea of reimagining the traditional sofa system that we’re all familiar with, then you’ll love what’s to come. And don’t get me wrong, there are so many stunning traditional sofas out there that make a statement.

Nonetheless, funky modular sofas make you want to sprawl out all over it and break up everything we know of the usual type. If you’re so relaxed you’d rather watch than read, no problem. Here is your TL;DR summary by yours truly.

What is a modular sofa?

When it comes to purchasing a new sofa, weighing up the pros and cons is essential considering the type of investment the item of furniture is. One of the key pieces in a home that can make or break a space, especially when size is an important consideration. There are many things to love about a statement sofa such as these modular ones, but their best feature is how they can be rearranged to whatever suits you. In the corner? Perfect. Fancy it in the centre of the room? That too.

Benefits of having a modular sofa

Their convenience doesn’t compromise on style either; over the decades we’ve seen designers such as Mario Bellini and Ligne Roset take to the stage to challenge what we know of a sofa using modularity as the standout feature. Now, let’s talk benefits.

this is an example of modular velvet sofa by sf girl by bay

1) Mix & match ’til your heart’s content

Offered by plenty of brands, modular sofas are everything to do with comfort and design. The colours, patterns, and textures you can find them in are endless, and their modularity makes the sofa adaptable to change with you. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. So, whenever you get the urge to move things around and switch up your living room, buying all new furniture won’t be necessary with a modular sofa. Move the armrest here, face the footstool over there and you’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new space.

From a stylist perspective, I love that modular sofas are completely customisable to the point you could even change the fabric used for each section; you could opt for leather for a mid century modern look and linen if you’re wanting that Scandinavian or Japandi vibe.

this is an example of modular sofas in eclectic flower prints

2) Perfect for social occasions

If you’re the type who loves to entertain, weekends full of family parties and dinner with friends, then modular sofas work in favour of that lifestyle too. You can adapt the sofa in the nighttime to suit the event; movie night? Have them all facing towards the screen, resembling one giant bed. A social? You could have them facing each other or sections dotted around the room. The choices are quite literally limited only by your imagination.

an example of a stunning blue velvet modular sofa in a contemporary home by frenchy fancy

3) Modern and easy to assemble sofas

Their practicality can’t go unnoticed. If you are someone who moves often then owning a modular sofa may well be the ideal option. As I say, not only will it fit in any space that you have, think of how easy it will be to move house without having to fit a giant sofa in a van or through the door! No, thank you.

With many of them delivered in a box, I was pleasantly surprised about how they didn’t look like they come out of one once they were all set up. A hard balance to get right when it comes to stylish furniture.

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Photo credits: 1. Est Living  2. sf girl by bay 3. Heidi Caillier 4. Est Living

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