26 Stylish Everyday Pieces at ANYDAY Price by John Lewis

With over 2,400 pieces, the ANYDAY range by John Lewis has everything you'll need to furnish a new home.
26 Stylish Everyday Pieces at ANYDAY Price by John Lewis

If like me, you fancy yourself in John Lewis of a weekend having a good mooch around at the latest pieces to make their way onto the shop floor (or online), then there’s no doubt you’ll have heard of John Lewis’ new range: ANYDAY. I’m one to tout a good buy when it comes to home interiors, and the ANYDAY range is full of them.

Traditionally, John Lewis has been known for its high-quality stylish pieces pushing towards the higher price range. And so, it would be fair to question where the idea for the ANYDAY range came from? With the aim to modernize the brand and product offering, the ANYDAY range includes everything you’d need to design a home that is beautiful, practical, and done affordably.

To get it right, the product design team at John Lewis delved into customer insights and feedback; highlighting the importance of key moments in our lives, and an emphasis on price-conscious buyers.

Styling for those key moments in our daily lives

From furnishing our first home to making rented spaces feel more homely. Enjoying being at home coupled up with hosting. The anticipation of a new arrival and preparing a nursery to topping up on everyday items as you watch the little ones grow.

These key moments inspired the ANYDAY range and in turn, focuses on eight key areas of the home: the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, home office, and outdoor space. Spaces and rooms we’ll have all become very familiar with over the last year, and for some, may have redecorated entirely.

Our favourite picks from ANYDAY by John Lewis

When it comes to working with a budget and looking for those stylish pieces that will add zest to your home, there are a handful of brands you can count on for high-quality products. And yet, even then you may still be left to have to jump from one store to the next to find the right furniture or the decor for those finishing touches.

ANYDAY has amazing pieces that, from what I can see, spans across everything you’ll need to furnish your home or add finesse in a rental home that’s come partly furnished. Whatever your needs, John Lewis has delivered. So, my team set me a challenge to pick out my favourite pieces (note: there are over 2,400 pieces in the range. Ouf.) and work with an £800 budget to fit out the living room, dining room, bedroom, and office. Challenge accepted.

this is a perch coffee table by john lewis anyday collection

Essentials for The Living Room in Under £800

Let’s start in the living room. I’ve gone for two looks depending on your style intentions for your home. The ANYWAY range in and of itself is predominately modern and embodies shapes that are timeless in a home of any style.

Soft, curved, tapered legs, and light grey; the Scoop sofa is a classic piece that could work as the backdrop for a Scandinavian home. Pair it with a Jute Runner Rug, because let’s face it who doesn’t love a jute rug? And create a focal point for the room with the perch coffee table. Although from a stylist perspective, my only reservation is that the coffee table may be too tall for the sofa and so, an alternative would be the matching perch side tables that you could place to the side.

If you’re leaning more towards mid century modern, then the sweep 3 seater sofa in ocean blue is quite the number. The tapered legs give it the mid century modern look that would marry up perfectly with the Menara Berber Style Rug and a mid century inspired coffee table placed in the center, with a stylish mustard floor lamp for the corner of the room.

Essentials for The Dining Room in Under £600

Having turned your hand to baking over the last year, and perfected that sourdough loaf to a tee, hosting may be one of the things you’re most looking forward to when moving into and styling your home. Getting the dining room dinner party-ready is an art in itself; particularly over the last few years where the idea of designing a tablescape has become ever more popular in creating memorable experiences for guests.

Choosing the perfect dining table is the priority when furnishing a dining room; there’s no party without the table. Whether you intend to stick with one style, or you know you’re likely to change a few things around and try something new in the future, opting for a dining table that’s complementary to any style is key.

this is a dinnerset by john lewis anyday collection

The Anton extending dining table is one of that sort, its style could fall under contemporary, Scandinavian or mid century modern, and could go any way you decide you style it. For a mid century modern look, I love these mustard dining chairs that add vibrancy to the room and styled with the reactive glaze dinnerware set in blue. Whereas if you’re going for a contemporary modern look, the minimal design of the disc dining chair works perfectly styled with the craft speckle glaze dinnerware set in grey.

Essentials for Your Home Office in Under £500

Having a home office was rarely a priority to make space for when it came to designing the rooms in our homes. That said, over the last year, working from home has been the new normal for many and it’s likely to be sticking around, making the home office a necessity. How we’ve gone about making space in our homes to work from has shown the best of creativity; transforming small spaces into imaginative office nooks.

We’ve talked a lot about the home office recently, and the launch of the ANYDAY collection has made fitting out the home office with the essentials much easier; catering to all styles. But for now, to stay with the challenge at hand and keeping with the looks referred to in the other rooms, I’m opting for a mid century aesthetic for the home office because who better to be inspired by than the designers of the MCM era when working?

office chair by ANYDAY john lewis collection

Getting the basics covered, the mustard spindle desk is stylish beyond its means, likewise, the wall-mounted leaning desk for more compact spaces, and can be paired with a mustard desk chair or grey for contrasting colour (did someone say Pantone’s Colours of the Year?!)

Essentials for The Bedroom in Under £750

And lately, we move to the bedroom. A spot that welcomes calming tones and elements that whisk us off to sleep, as well as get us ready for the day ahead; a fine balance to strike, and yet this collection has accomplished it. There’s the option to go for a matching set for pretty much everything a bedroom would need, or mix-and-match. All dependant on your taste, and can certainly be done here under one roof.

There’s a reason why farmhouse interiors are the go-to look for the bedroom; its stylish minimalism is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. To get the look, the Wilton set will have you covered on all fronts. The white bed frame with the grid-patterned duvet set will set the base perfectly, and you can pair it with the 2 door wardrobe and bedside tables in grey to offer a contrast in tones.

this is a bedroom with duvet set by john lewis anyday collection

That said, minimal isn’t always for everyone and you might be thinking you’d like to bring a modern edge into the bedroom. ANYDAY’s Art Deco style bed with a decorative metal frame is an absolute gem in the collection; its distinctive design can be embellished for a modern, contemporary, or vintage vibe especially with the vibrant diamond yellow set layered on it. Place it alongside a deep grey panelled double wardrobe, and you’ll have mastered the monochromatic trend. To finish the look, add the speckle candle holder or the tealight candle version and a simple yet stylish metal mirror for those lavish mirror moments.

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