Design A Stunning Tablescape In 4 Steps

Ideas that will whisk your imagination away on creative ways to dress up your table with a tablescape.
Design A Stunning Tablescape In 4 Steps

Setting the table and perfecting a tablescape can be a daunting idea for many, and it’s one that’s easy to overthink. Whether it’s for a dinner party, family occasion, or seasonal holiday there are plenty of ideas to whisk your imagination away on creative ways to dress up your table.

What’s the occasion?

The idea of a tablescape is to create a new experience for your guests and yourself when it comes to dining. Asking yourself why you want to do one tops the list on where to start. Is there an event coming up, or are you simply wanting to dress the table to have it be a part of the décor in your home?

There are options for everyone, and they come in all shapes and sizes depending on the look that you’re going for. Before making any new purchases, there are a few key elements to consider:

  • What kind of event is it? (i.e. a party, an anniversary, or a themed dinner for family and friends)
  • Are there any seasonal aspects to it?
  • Will it be hosted in the afternoon or evening?
  • Who is it for, and what will they enjoy?
  • What kind of food will be served?

By keeping the answers to these questions in the back of your mind, they’ll help to remind you of what will be needed as well as any decorative features you’d like to see as part of it.

Styling your table for every day?

It may be that you’re looking for a more casual setting suitable for everyday use. In that case, there’s less to think about in terms of theme or what the food will go and more space to think creatively of how you’d like to see it subtly fit into the decor.

this is a tablescape inspired by blue colours by Birde Fortescue

Tips on how to style a table using neutral tones

You’ve got an occasion lined up, and you’re looking to impress. It’s for close friends and family who you know will enjoy the little intricacies you work in that adds extra finesse to a space. It’s an evening event, and you’re wanting to it feel intimate, cosy, and sophisticated. Any other day, you’d opt for lively and vibrant but you’re feeling like a change.

When designing a tablescape, it’s important to remember what we’re with in terms of the size and shape of the table. Rules of thumb? If your table is round, it’s best to have a lower centrepiece whereas if it’s rectangular, you can go for a more linear centrepiece.

Go natural for your centrepiece with flowers

No matter if you’re minimalist or maximalist when it comes to interiors, flowers and greenery are the ultimate musts on any tablescape. For obvious reasons being that they look stunning, but depending on what type you go for they work wonders in setting the tone for the space. From personal touches to seasonal gems, the options are endless and may well take up the most time when it comes to picking the perfect bunch for the occasion.

When it comes to where to go to buy your blooms, By Bloom has everything you need. For those with the florists’ eye for detail, their option to create your own bouquet gives you full autonomy on the size and look of the bouquet. Not only will it make your dining table centrepiece stand out, but it’s the perfect way to add a touch of personalisation to your tablescape. That said, if there’s a particular flower you’re looking for their option of Market Flowers gives you over 300 seasonal varieties (wow) of fresh flowers that are guaranteed to arrive at your door fresh, and ready to be arranged in your favourite vase as part of a low or linear centrepiece.

this is a tablescape inspired by pink colours by Birde Fortescue

Layer the dining set

When it comes to designing a tablescape and setting the table to work in a way that’s decorative using layering features can add to the look and feel you’re going for. As a way of layering the foundation, finding a tablecloth that works into your preferred colour scheme. Sticking with a neutral colour palette, a minimal cotton tablecloth can work as the perfect base for layering decorative features on top of it. Alternatively, you can use the base as the finishing touch by going for a braided hemp table runner that makes for a rustic or Scandinavian backdrop.

With a tablescape, every detail is a chance to do something a little different. Once you’ve set the scene with your base, the next feature are your placemats. For me, I love natural materials and contrasting colours. A neutral tablecloth paired with black mandala placemats are a gorgeous combination, and if you fancy something new and fun, experiment with shapes and materials of your placemats, such as these tropical-inspired place settings.

this is a tablescape inspired by pink colours by Birde Fortescue

Finding the perfect dining set

Known as the plate that makes cleaning and spillages less drastic, charger plates are a hidden gem. They’re decorative and practical. Layered on top of the placemats, copper effect charger plates add a shiny dimension to a neutral setting whereas woven rattan charger plates can enhance the tablescape with its more coastal or cottage-like aesthetic.

Add these elegant ceramic plates, handmade and painted in Vietnam, along with their matching side platers for a minimal and toned down look. Or opt for these stunning Portuguese-inspired tonal dinner set that add a subtle touch of colour and artisanal look to your tablescape. Accompany with soft neutral napkins and wooden beaded napkin rings to finish the look off effortlessly.

Add decorative pieces to finish the look

Finally, the aromatic features and small personalised touches all matters when it comes to creating the ambience you’re going for. From fragrant candles to personalised name tags will inevitably make your guests feel special, and will no doubt impress them.

this is a tablescape inspired by green colours by Birde Fortescue

Ultimately, the idea of tablescapes is that they’re meant to add a glimmer of style and to be fun. It’s easy to feel like more is best when actually less is more. Have fun experimenting with the different theme the year throws at you, be that Easter or Halloween, as well as the change of seasons. Upon writing this piece, Easter is only a few days away you better believe I’ll be dressing the table up with tiny eggs hidden in the centrepiece.

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Photo credits: Birde Fortescue

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