Stylish Weekend Getaway with Plum Guide: UK Edition

If they’re good enough for home critics’, they’re good enough for us. Our favourite places to stay in the UK this summer with Plum Guide.
Stylish Weekend Getaway with Plum Guide: UK Edition

Finding the place to call home for one week or a month comes with a lot of decisions. Preparing to travel to a new town, city or country already comes with enough challenges. The last thing you want to be thinking about is whether the place you’ve booked into, and will be arriving at in a few hours’ time, is everything you thought it was. Then, somehow along the way, during the hours spent searching for the perfect vacay home, you missed the note that said there’s no air-con or lift. The neighbours are noisy, and everything looks a little… tired.

Plum Guide decided to put an end to the uncertainty and thought it was about time we start putting a stamp of approval on the quality and comfort of the homes we’re looking to stay at. They took all the best bits of our go-to places and added an extra layer of luxury over them. They pride themselves on having the most luxurious homes for vacations and making sure that you—as a visitor—get the most out of your stay during those special moments away throughout the year.

How? The selection process of homes to showcase on their platform is thorough. They have a team of home critics that go and scout out the homes and share their opinions after the visit and allude to all the amenities you have access to during your stay. One aspect of their platform that we absolutely love is the ‘home truths’ section on all of the homes you can view, it talks about all the finer details that the photos might not tell you as well as the good-to-know’s including how accessible the place is and yes, whether the place has air-con or not.

Weekend Getaway in the UK

If there’s a chance to dodge any flights delay and cancellations this summer, then we’re here for it. And let’s be honest, the sun has already put in a shift as we’ve been reaching highs of 32 degrees. It’s time to book a getaway in one of the beautiful spots the UK has to offer, and we’ve partnered with Plum Guide* to bring you the most luxurious, affordable, and perfectly located homes for you to relax in this summer.

The Boatman

This home is just a stone’s throw away from Deal Beach, Kent meaning you’ll be waking up to serene sea views and in a beautiful elegant bedroom with modern and contemporary interiors with plenty of space to leave beach towels, evening outfits, and your favourite shoes. There’s a slick outdoor tub that is the perfect location to soak up the afternoon sun or sip champagne under the stars at night.

Kent | Sleeps up to 10 | £57 per night | Visit here

this is the boatman seaside home in kent featured on the plum guide this is the steel outdoor tub in the boatman featured by the plum guide

Sleepy Leopard

After countryside tranquillity? This home is a remarkable barn conversion that has the most beautiful modern style with plenty of comforts. With the river Thames running through the garden, you’ll be able to take a quick drip or float downstream with a paddleboard. This spot is perfect for a family occasion or special celebration, it’s big enough to sleep up to 14 people and has plenty of hangout areas for downtime.

Oxfordshire | Sleeps up to 14 | £83 per person | Visit here

this is the living room in the sleepy leopard featured on plum guide this is the kitchen featured in plum guide

The Pavilion House

It’s time to pack up and get ready for a friends’ retreat at this open-planned, modern pavilion home located in Suffolk. You’ll be surrounded by acres of green, floor-to-ceiling windows and slouch over stunning Scandinavian interiors while sipping wine and enjoying a movie night. The Pavilion home is a keeper and one that’s definitely made it onto our list for a visit.

Suffolk | Sleeps up to 8 | £85 per person | Visit here

this is the bedroom in the pavilion house featured on plum guide this is the living room in the pavilion house featured on plum guide

Run with the River

Built in 1825, this converted fruit barn is perfect for a quaint late-summer break in Devon. Inside the interiors have been designed to put comfort front and centre with leather armchairs, a modern fireplace, and a cosy blanket always at arm’s reach. Located on the outskirts of a village, this home is perfectly placed for long walks and a trip to South Hams for a pub lunch.

Devon | Sleeps up to 6 | £58 per person | Visit here

this is the seating area in the run with the river featured on plum guide this is a reading nook in the run with the river cottage featured on plum guide

Riding Boots

A trip to North Yorkshire has never looked so good. What was once a stable has been converted into a beautifully modern country home with timber beams, farmhouse-inspired pieces, and hints of eclectic bold colours throughout. Sleeping up to 4, this is an idyllic spot to whisk your family away for peace, greenery, and epic scenery. If you fancy a trip into Ripon, there are also plenty of ancient old-world buildings to explore.

North Yorkshire | Sleeps up to 4 | £65 per person | Visit here

this is the kitchen in the riding boots featured on plum guide this is the master bathroom in the riding boots featured on plum guide

Have A Little Faith

Located in Norfolk, this whimsical apartment has everything you’d expect—and hope for—from a refurbished church. Amongst the stained glass windows and high ceilings, the place is filled with vintage furniture, charming decor, and a touch of glamour. Here you’re never too far from a vintage shop, pubs and cafes, or the seaside which is just down the road.

Norfolk | Sleeps up to 8 | £71 per person | Visit here

this is the dining room and kitchen in the have a little faith house featured on plum guide this is the master bathroom in have a little fath house featured on plum guide

Wildflower Manor

Planning a celebration or family gathering? This country estate is one not to be missed. The classic old-English interiors, wooden beams, and vast acres of land make this place feels like the ultimate luxurious getaway, and at the same time dressed comfortably enough to feel like you can put your feet up and enjoy evening drinks while the kids play ping pong or in the games room.

Hertfordshire | Sleeps up to 16 | £77 per person | Visit here

this is the seating area in the wildflower manor featured on plum guide this is the living room in the wildflower manor

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