Go For a Neutral Christmas This Season: Organic & Gold Decor

A style filled with charm, and gives you the chance to play with natural elements and neutral colours. Find out how to get the look this season.
Go For a Neutral Christmas This Season: Organic & Gold Decor

When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, there are an abundance of styles to choose from. The traditional red and white look with a grotto twist is a sought after style this year; and sits amongst the bold and bright, as well as the organic and neutral. Now, a neutral Christmas has always been a bit of a grey area: Should I or shouldn’t I? Is it festive enough? It’s a common misconception, especially when shop windows are covered in bright lights and vibrant colours but I’m here to prove a case in point that you can go neutral, and it not be vanilla.

Choosing your theme this Christmas? Go neutral

You don’t have to go too far for inspiration for neutral-inspired Christmas decor. The Nordic regions have certainly coined the aesthetic with their beautiful minimal interiors that verge on the cusp of rustic when it comes to Christmas. Many add freshly picked seasonal greens that have been found on walks in the woods, or fetched from the garden, and combine them with stunning wooden decor, speckled lights, and hints of white and gold woven throughout.

this is a neutral christmas tree by half way wholeistic

If you’re finding it hard to come away from tradition, we get it. That said, with a nudge in the right direction and a dose of inspiration you’ll be able to switch up this year’s look without needing to do too much. Ultimately, a neutral Christmas is filled with charm and gives you the chance to play with natural elements and neutral colours, that a more traditional look tends to stay clear from.

What are neutral Christmas colours?

Before diving in, a good place to start is understanding what makes up a neutral Christmas colour palette. A neutral Christmas sets the mood with its focus on textures, and often contrast in colours. While yes, neutral implies muted colours such as whites and creams but it also invites sparkles of champagne gold or silver with dark shades such as forest green to add a beautiful wintery atmosphere to the space.

this is a cosy neutral christmas tree by the sunny side up

Set the scene with enchanting neutral festive decor

We’ve done a bit of shopping around to find you the best of neutral Christmas tree decorations this festive season. And, it’s looking bright. Firstly, let’s address the tree situation, because depending on the type of Christmas tree you’ve decided one can depend on what style will work best. For a neutral scheme, opt for a real or natural-looking Christmas tree to create a solid base for the ornaments and decorations–a green flocked tree could work here too.

The combination of warm neutral colours with sparkles of gold layered adds the festive flair we long for during the colder season. By adding a collection of delicate white and gold baubles with variation of designs–plain and patterned–will help to balance out the look, and keep it from looking too minimal.

this is a neutral christmas tree by paisley and sparrow

Neutral is synonymous with natural, meaning organic decorations such as paper and wooden ornaments and hints of green are perfect for bringing the style to life. These different textures help to bring the outdoors in, while at the same time keeping the space feeling Christmassy and very cosy.

Finally, would it truly be a neutral Christmas tree without some burlap ribbon? You guessed it, it’s a necessity. Burlap ribbon is the ideal feature for adding a rustic edge without compromising on the elegant nature of neutral decor. Finish the look off by adding a wicker tree skirt or keep it bare (whatever your preference) and stick with warm white lights to stay aligned with the cosy, neutral vibe.

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Photo credits: 1-2. Half Way Wholeistic 3. The Sunny Side Up 4. Paisley & Sparrow

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