How To Style A Festive Shabby Chic Tablescape

As we're in the run-up to Christmas, we're sharing tips and tricks on how to create a stunning festive tablescape.
How To Style A Festive Shabby Chic Tablescape

I’m in the mood for some food and it’s the time of year where the countdown is on for the most festive days of all. Christmas. Now, if you’re thinking about sprucing things up to make your home feel extra festive, a tablescape may do just the trick. Once the food plan is cover, pulling together a stunning tablescape is one aspect that can intimidate many and yet with a few essential pieces creates an ambience like no other.

As we’re in the run-up to Christmas, I thought sharing tips and tricks as well as inspiration with you that may help to tie your creative, festive ideas together.

What is tablescaping?

The term tablescaping has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Where we once looked to finding the perfect centrepiece to decorate our dining rooms, we now look to creating a tablescape that combines a centrepiece with place settings and decoration to elevate an entertaining and pleasurable experience. For many, it’s a way of showing guests that they’re coming together with an intention and for it to be a memorable experience.

When to create a tablescape?

Tablescapes are a beautiful addition for any special occasion; that’s to say when and why you choose to create one will be unique to you. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new season, a festive holiday, or a special anniversary. In our case, there’s no time quite like the present and so we’ll be looking at creating festive tablescapes including everything from gems you can find in your garden through to everyday dishes with subtle hints of embellishments.

What are the key ingredients for a stunning tablescape?

The key ingredients that make up a tablescape can include the following:

  • A colour scheme of two or three main colours
  • A runner or a tablecloth
  • A centrepiece as the focal point
  • Layered place settings with plates, napkins, and flatware
  • Bring out your favourite glasses and cutlery for each place setting
  • Make a statement with ornaments, place cards, ribbon, and seasonal elements
  • Embellish with as much candlelight as you can

How to style a table for festive holidays

Gather your inspiration

Inspiration comes far and varied. Wherever you decide to go for your dose of inspiration, be it nature, a blog, or Pinterest, build upon your ideas as a way to start visualising the approach you’d like to take. The festive holiday has so many strings to its bow that makes styling a tablescape that little bit easier. If you already have a theme or idea in mind, run with it and see how you can adapt it to bring festive elements into it.

this is a pink and gold christmas tablescape this is a pink and gold tablescape with a white place setting this is a beige and blue tablescape with pretty glassware this is a beige and blue tablescape for christmas

Think about the experience

A lot of tablescaping is to do about creating a magical experience that’s memorable for your guests, and yourself as the host. A place to start – especially if it’s your first time hosting – is thinking about what you hope for the experience to be like. Key questions to ask yourself are how many guests will you have? What’s the menu? Is it a buffet style or a large spread? What’s the ambience you want to create? If you’re wanting to incorporate music, I love Spotify for its thousands (literally) of playlists for any mood or you can build your own.

this is a white christmas tablescape with wooden place settings this is a white christmas inspired tablescape with rose gold elements this is a minimal tablescape with natural elements this is a minimal tablescape with natural elements and rustic features

Making use of what’s to hand

Before you get stuck in, choose a tablecloth or runner to lay the base or foundation for creating your tablescape. Use the base as your canvas and build up from there. Bring in elements such as candlesticks, candles, baubles, glassware, flowers, and branches that you may have to hand or can pick from outside in your garden. Not only will this help you to save a lot of time, by not having to venture out, but you’ll save plenty when it comes to money.

If you are considering making a few new purchases, I’ve fallen in love with these beautiful Aged Metal candle holders to place in the centre along with these Brush Tree place holders and Cohani wine glass set with a honeycomb pattern. Simple editions that make a big difference.

this is a minimal tablescape with winterberries this is a simple and minimal tablescape with winterberries this is a winter wonderland inspired tablescape this is a winter wonderland inspired tablescape with gold elements

The centre of attention

The centrepiece tends to be the focal point of the table. Go big or go minimal, or anything in between. Traditionally a centrepiece is made up of floral bouquets along with a variety of natural pieces. This time of year is perfect for making use of evergreens, ivy, winterberries, and holly that can be found on walks around parks or in your garden. Marry them up with candelabras or vases with narrow bases, that way it is easier to see across the table and leaves plenty of space for the food.

this is a tablescape with large vases and root veg this is a christmas tablescape with blue and silver elements this is a christmas tablescape with a large floral centrepeice this is a christmas tablescape with terracotta place setting

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