Hosting? Laying The Table For A Memorable Christmas Dinner

We've gone ahead and made laying the table for Christmas dinner easier for you. Whether you've gone traditional or neutral this year, we've got tablescapes to suit every theme.
Hosting? Laying The Table For A Memorable Christmas Dinner

Setting the table becomes a ritual; gatherings and eating food together get upgraded. Again, it’s this little attention to detail that stands out. When you pay attention to them, the thought of setting the scene and creating an intimate ambience around the table is clear. But, let’s be honest… the advice that’s out there on setting the table feels almost too formal. We want to keep things relaxed because if there was one thing we could say we love about tablescapes, it’s the amount of love and creativity that goes into them. 

The beloved tablescape is all about adding your own originality to match the event, theme, or menu. Now, with Christmas just around the corner, we’re looking at it from the perspective of mixing and matching dinnerware and decorative pieces with the rest of the festive aesthetic you’ve gone for this year.

this is a close up of a neutral tablescape by hosted by you, laying the table with neutral and gold elements

Laying the table for Christmas dinner

Earlier in the month, we shared our favourite festive trends for 2021: traditional and neutral. To make life that little bit easier for you, we’ve gone ahead and curated tablescapes to match these trends that will no doubt add to the festive spirits. It’s always better to have the tablescape reflect the Christmas decor you’ve already got up in your home and have it work for you, especially when you’re hosting.

In keeping with Tradition

To design your traditional-themed tablescape, use red and green as the primary colours, with a hint of white or gold to bring that Christmas glow around the dining table. For this, I’ve chosen a beautiful red linen tablecloth as the base, layered with a flocked garland and–if you have any spare–add some red and gold baubles or sequinned red bows and mini green-toned Christmas trees in between the spaces with candles to create a warm ambiance. This will work as the centerpiece for the table; the holy grail for all tablescapes to tie the overall theme together.

this is a traditional themed tablescape

Next up, it’s time to lay down the dinnerware. For your traditional tablescape, we’ve gone with plain white or red dinnerware to layer on top of brass charger plates. If you already have some fancy glassware, now is the time to show it off. If not, no problem, I’d recommend modern wine glasses with their matching cocktail glasses and tumblers. Of course, gold cutlery is the perfect accent for anything festive. Once you’ve placed the cutlery inside their own Christmas-inspired holders, your tablescape is ready to go.

Go Neutral to go chic

When said it once before, and we’ll say it again. A neutral Christmas is far from vanilla. Instead, it’s an ode to champagne gold and dark shades that–when together–create a cosy atmosphere that sets the scene to watch all the festive films and eat your way through the stollen logs.

To design a neutral tablescape, I’ve chosen a natural burlap runner to lay across the table with a natural harvest garland for the centrepiece. From here, pepper in snow berry faux stems to soften the garland up with a different colour, and accompany with candles and decorative pieces that suit the neutral tones.

this is a close up of a silver and gold christmas tablescape by home with holly j

Once they’re laid out, source white china to sit on top of rattan charger plates for every seat with gold cutlery placed side by side to elevate the neutral tones. When you go for a neutral-themed tablescape, I’d recommend going for pieces that are more contemporary rather than modern, such as crystal glassware that come with textured, fluted designs.

Remember, you want the tablescape to look beautiful while at the same time complimenting where the food and drinks will need to go. The magic in setting the table is entirely down to personal preferences. Even though there may be the correct way to do it, it might not be the best way for you to keep yourself and your guest feeling relaxed.

When considering what to buy, we’d recommend choosing staple pieces first: table cloth, plates, glassware and cutlery to set the scene. Followed by decorative and personal touches such as candles, garlands, foliage, nameplates, and crackers.

Photo credits: 1-3. Hosted by you 4. Home with Holly J

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