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6 Creative Ways To Mix French Country With Shabby Chic

A tour inside a home that's been inspired by shabby chic and enriched with french country accents.
6 Creative Ways To Mix French Country With Shabby Chic

Ah, the joys of designing a home. Getting ideas out on to mood board, deciding on an interior trend – French Country, Shabby Chic or Farmhouse? – spotting nooks and crannies to immerse in the surroundings you’ve eloquently put together. Painting the walls and experimenting with whimsical patterns. There are few better ways, at least for me, to spend my time. At times I feel like I could be preaching to the choir on the importance of having a house that feels like a home; especially now as we find ourselves spending more time than ever in our homes, cooping up preparing for the winter months.

Often it’s less to do about the aesthetics of it; instead for many, a home is a place to restore and find your ground after having a busy day. A place to sit back, put your feet up, tea in hand, and spend the evening binge-watching (there, I said it) a TV series of a genre that five years ago you probably never contemplated watching. Or perhaps you’re a night owl and while the rest of the world is shutting down getting ready for bed, you’re ticking off your to-do list one at a time. No distractions, just the glare of the moon.

How to mix shabby chic with country

Lately, I’ve been delving into the interior style of shabby chic on request from our lovely readers and what strikes me most is how versatile it is. What you’ll notice is that every home that embodies the shabby chic style is accompanied by something a little personal to whose home it is. Particularly if you go scouting out stores to find bits and pieces for your home, the rustic features and feminine accents never leave but how you personalise them always changes.

What makes it unique is the blend of influences, shabby chic is a combination of several styles coming together as one. I’ve been in awe of the creativity surrounding shabby chic and how some emphasise the eclectic nature of the style, whereas others lean more towards its humble cottage features. For this piece, we’re taking a tour inside a home that’s been inspired by shabby chic and enriched with french country accents.

When in doubt, slip it over

It’s fair to say slipcovers were made famous by the visionary designer, Rachel Ashwell. Founder of Shabby Chic, the term as well as the global brand, Ashwell never settled on the idea of decorating and furnishing needing to be difficult; a home could be comfortable, beautiful, and functional at the same time.

Introducing slipcovers, the layered fabrics that add a country charm, require minimal effort to slip on and off, machine-washable and are often stain-resistant (need I say more?) Whether you prefer a relaxed loose type or tailored fit, slipcovers are a simple yet stylish way to enhance a room with country accents.

this is a french country dining room with shabby chic inspired slip covers and golden accents

Let gold accents take centre stage

Needless to say, weaving gold accents bring a beautiful glow into a room that acts as a focal point for surrounding interiors. A good place to start would be by finding decorative features, such as this antique mirror with a gold rim placed amongst a gallery wall of vintage botanical painting. Its weathered look and large size bring a classical charm into the dining room that you’d expect to find in a historic Provencal home.

this is a mirror with a gold rim

Find rattan gems

If there was ever a way to give a room a homely, cottage vibe it’s with rattan; the craft and design of rattan furniture certainly make a statement. Their natural aesthetic makes it easy to incorporate inside a home that, otherwise would have left rattan for the garden. The textures mixed them with shades of beiges and cream effortlessly adds a bit of sunshine into a dining room.

this is a kitchen with rattan dining chairs

Make use of your artistic flair & be creative

While I love absolutely love a minimal colour palette, when you’re wanting to add a French-esque look and feel in a room then difference textures are a must. Playing with a range of texture in a room can balance a neutral colour palette beautifully, adding an array of neutrals with a warm and authentic glow. Whether you decide on bamboo, ceramics, or weathered antiques french country welcomes creativity and gives you the perfect excuse to mix and match eclectic decor.

this is a french country inspired living room with wooden accents this is a bookcase with ceramics

Exaggerate the french elegance and charm

I debated on the word exaggerate, but often that is what a lot of French Country is about. It’s the grandiose pieces, whimsical fabrics, and aged wood that makes the style one that’s sought after. It’s unique and can to some extent be difficult to pull off but when it’s done good, it’s done beautifully. Elegance and charm is at the heart of style, and so when it comes to deciding whether or not to go with those draped curtains across your canopy bed I say a big, bold yes.

this is a french country inspired bedroom with draping curtains

Add botanicals to soften a room

Now that you have statement pieces, the colour palette, materials in mind the next stop is decor. When it comes to choosing decor for your home, french country style, woven baskets, paired with natural flowers, and old botanical paintings are the essential pieces to bring elements of the outdoor in of which much of French Country in inspired by.

this is an old botanical prints and country decor

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Photo credits: Camille Styles

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