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5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Dining Room

Elevating your dining room so that it's fit for any occasion doesn't have to cost the earth or take up all your time—here's how.
5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Dining Room

Your dining area is used on a daily basis, but let’s be honest, it rarely gets the attention it deserves. Naturally, you’ll have looked after the basics, like a table and chairs but what about the other pieces of decor that can elevate your dining room, fit for any occasion?

By making a few small changes, you can make your dining room a place where you can enjoy your food, and you’ll actually want to spend some time to have great conversations.

Our top tips to transform your dining room

1. Blend it into the kitchen

Quite a few people have the dining area somewhere other than the kitchen, but that isn’t possible for everyone. Where possible, we would recommend that you try to blend your dining area into the kitchen. For example with larger kitchens, adding a table and chairs can be relatively easy to do.

For smaller kitchen, it takes a little creativity with how you use the space. If you can add a breakfast bar with a couple of stools that blend into the rest of the space, you’re half way there.

this is a modern kitchen featured in house and garden

2. Cosy up to the walls

Most of the time, having certain furniture pushed up against the wall is considered an interior design no-no. When it comes to a dining area, you can bend the rules. This is especially true when your dining area is in the kitchen and your table takes up a decent amount of space.

By putting the table up to the wall, you make room to move around and avoid it taking up too much space. Depending on what style of table you have, it could even end up looking much nicer. While obvious but worth noting, just make sure you still have enough space for everyone to sit down.

3. Turn storage into décor

Decor doesn’t stop at storage. In fact, with all the options out there today, there’s no reason why storage should be an afterthought. There are easy ways to get creative with your storage; you could try repainting your storage cupboards and drawers to blend into the rest of the space. We can almost guarantee this can make it nicer than you might think.

this is an example of open storage inside a kitchen and dining room

4. Get the right tablecloth

Sometimes, all you’ll need to spruce up your dining room is a few accessories. There are plenty of these to choose from, but a tablecloth is a must. If you have an older table or one that doesn’t look quite as you’d like, the right tablecloth covers it up.

You’ll have more than a few of these to choose from than you’d think, but it’s worth investing in restaurant quality tablecloths. They’ll not only look great, but they’ll put up with quite a bit of wear and tear.

5. Get a Lazy Susan

You heard it from us: Lazy Susans are under appreciated. They’re little contraptions that can be put on your dining table and it spins around so everyone can access the food you’ve put on it. These can range from relatively small to quite large, so you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure it fits on your table. Perfect for those who love to share food and occasion dinners!

If you thought that you’d need to put a decent amount of time and money into your dining room, to make it one of them dining rooms then hopefully this will help you should that doesn’t need to be the case. A little goes a long way. All you’ll need to do is put effort into a few small areas, and it won’t be long until your dining room has had the glow up yo’ve been looking for.

Photo credits: 1-3. House & Garden

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