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Vintage wallpaper: Every Shabby Chic inspired home needs it

No matter the size of a room, wallpapering is an option for everyone. Time to flex your creative muscles with patterned wallpaper.
Vintage wallpaper: Every Shabby Chic inspired home needs it

I’m a big fan of vibrant rooms in shabby chic homes; One’s that show no limits on creativity and are open to experimenting with ideas that can, ultimately, set the tone for an entire home. More often than not, patterns are woven in. They’re the ideal companion for transforming a room, adding a layer of personality without having to compromise on square footage. If that’s not a big enough win, I don’t what is!

Perhaps you’re new to the world of wallpaper. In that case, I imagine the idea of plastering small or large scale patterns on a blocked coloured wall can feel daunting. But let me reassure you, wallpapering is an option for everyone no matter the size of a room. Patterned wallpaper allows you to flex your creative muscles in a way you only thought would be possible through more decor or furniture, and looks marvellous all at the same time.

How to choose vintage-inspired wallpaper for a shabby chic home

When it comes to choosing vintage-inspired wallpaper for a shabby chic home, there are a few prerequisites that are worth considering:

  • The style of a room what you’re decorating, and any existing patterns already in the room
  • How you would like to use the wallpaper in the room, for example, on all four walls or would you prefer a feature wall?
  • The scale of the wallpaper patterns
  • Textured or a flat design of the pattern
  • The size of the room to determine how much wallpaper you’ll need to purchase

Once you’ve got all of them in check and you’re ready to go, the next task is to choose your pattern and – like choosing a sofa – this may take some time and you may need to test out ideas on a mood board or through samples. To get you started, here are my favourite pattern styles for shabby chic interiors that create an ambience of romance and a sense of magic in any room.

this is a red floral motif wallpaper in a bedroom with white elements

Be inspired by florals motifs

Since day one, floral motifs were a key element in shabby chic interiors, whether placed on a pillow, a table cloth, or vintage tableware it’s nearly impossible to embody all that the interior trend has to offer without a dash of vibrant florals. Not only do they bring a charming look in a room however they’re used, but they’re incredibly versatile in that whatever the mood you’re wanting to create in a room; there’s a style of floral motifs to suit.

The soft blush pinks, reds, yellows and emerald greens form a colour palette typically found in a cottage garden which naturally complements the wooden features, slipcovers, and decor found inside a shabby chic inspired home.

this is an example of mortif shabby chic wallpaper on i spy diy

Be inspired by wildlife patterns

Why not bring a room to life with scenic wallpaper? The colours, the detailing and the whimsical feel wildlife can add to a room is unquestionable. Often it comes down to finding the right one that suits your style and embodies the mood you hope to create. From jungle to farm, forest to the ocean, the selection is wide and varied. Wallpaper influenced by wildlife can be a room’s best friend when it comes to adding beautiful illustrative patterns that are rich in character.

this is a shabby chic bedroom with light pink elephant wallpaper

Ready? Final tips to get you started

  • If the thing that’s putting you off buying wallpaper is not knowing how or who will put it up for you, know that it’s possible to do it by yourself. These days high-quality wallpaper has become much more accessible than it used to be, meaning it won’t break from being touched or moved around. Plus, if it was to end up a little crooked simply try again and I promise you, you’ll master the art in no time.
  • You’ve done the hard work of finding the right wallpaper for the room that’s being decorated. It may be that you get cold feet before you even get started; keep going. It’ll all come together and it’ll be worth it.

Photo credits: 1. Lavin Label 2. J.K. Kling 3. I Spy DIY  4. Coco Kelley

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