Choosing a Statement Headboard 101: Buyer’s Guide

Leaning into inspiration from Soho House, we're talking all about headboard designs and why every bedroom needs one.
Choosing a Statement Headboard 101: Buyer’s Guide

Last week, we spoke about the influence boutique hotels can have when it comes to our own quest to recreating their spa-like bedrooms that always seem to get everything just right. In these designs, we’ve spotted a growing trend of beautifully designed headboard that have been taking centerstage in our bedrooms, thanks to the ever growing popularity in eclectic interiors.

Similarly, you only need to take a peak at the luxury boutique hotels to notice how headboards are used to enhance the overall aesthetic of room; Soho House particularly comes to mind with their smorgasbord of flamboyant headboards that ooze luxury in most of their hotel bedrooms.

this is the white city house by soho house with an elegant headboard

Whenever we talk bedrooms, it’s always worth baring in mind what style you’re wanting to achieve with the overall design concept. Personally, there are a few prerequisites to consider before diving all in, especially when considering a headboard:

  • What vibe are you going for?
  • Is this a place for purely sleeping and waking up, or are you going to be working from this room?
  • Do you want to be able to listen to music and have a space to relax?
  • What style are you going for? i.e. Farmhouse, Industrial, Mid Century Modern, or Boho?

Once you have all of this in mind you can then start to bring it all together. Admittedly, one of the hardest parts when working to accomplish any dream room is knowing exactly where to start. Again, to help streamline your ideas it’s worth starting with one or two pieces for the room once you’ve had a mooch around and have found staple pieces that you know are non-negotiables and you must have in the room.

To buy a bed with a headboard vs the bed and headboard separate?

For the bedroom, these pieces are typically the bed or soft fabrics. When it comes to choosing a headboard, the style of bed will depend on whether or not the bed will allow for a bespoke headboard. Frames such as divan beds, bunk beds, or four-posted beds are perfect for upgrading the bed with a headboard of your choice. Whereas for full size bed frames, that is one with a headboard already attached, you’re limited to the headboard provided.

this is a light grey headboard in a suffolk country house designed by kelling designs

Do you need a headboard?

Ah, the magic question. There are many beds on the market that come without a headboard, and that gives you the option to either look for one you like or keep the bed as it is. Originally, headboards were designed to keep the wall that the bed leans up against clean, and protects the room from a draft. Whilst in Feng Shui philosophy, where designing your space is focused on security and calmness, it’s believed that headboards create a safe space for intimacy and connection through the comfort they bring.

What’s more is that from a stylistic perspective, headboards work wonders in anchoring a room, and tying the furniture and decor together. They’re the remedy to stopping your pillows falling to the sides at night while you sleep, and provide support when you’re sitting up in bed. Move over home office, we’re working from here now.

this is a beige headboard by banda design studio

Choosing a headboard for your style

You’d be forgiven if you have one idea in mind of what headboards tend to look like, and for that reason have never considered adding one to your bed. That said, designers and brands have been going all out when it comes to bold designs and the evolution of headboards has meant the styles, sizes, colours, and textures you can choose from are now in abundance.

Best places to buy a headboard

There’s plenty to choose from, from vintage-inspired to contemporary designs that makes it nearly easily customised and designed for you, the style that you’re going for, and the size that you need. It’s worth taking the time to find the right one for you, they’re as much to do with comfort as they are statement pieces for your walls.

this is a bedroom with a purple headboard by kelling designs

KD Loves

Choosing a headboard that you want to work as the focal point of the room, making it a vibrant statement piece that’s complimentary to your colour scheme will do the trick. KD Loves know a thing or two when it comes to headboards as they’re leading the way with bespoke lavish designs that would work in a Soho House apartment, and inside your own home.

The ‘Emma’ Headboard is a particularly gem; it’s pretty and striking. A real statement that seems to balance a soft aesthetic perfectly. Its shape, motif pattern, and colour makes it particularly unique. That said, if you’re looking for a headboard that suits a more mid century modern aesthetic then, ‘Thomas’ is the one for you. It’s my personal favourite.

More info


Made up of the most carefully curated of pieces, KD Loves pieces are absolutely everything you’d want from quirky interiors that can be worked into any home that’s wanting a few staple pieces that bring personality and character into a space.

Price Range

From £750


Feather & Black

A brand whose pieces are nothing short of stunning. Designed to bring you everything you need for your bedroom, Feather & Black have a selection of 3 headboard style that are made to be mounted on a divan bed or on the wall. While their range may be small, you can choose from 26 different fabrics to make the headboard your own; giving your free rein on creating a headboard for you. ‘Juliette’ in Shiraz is the ultimate statement piece for any modern home.

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Feather & Black have carved their niche inside the bedroom. They have everything from bed frames to bed linen, making designing your bedroom that little bit easier. They encapsulating most styles in their products, including shabby chic, farmhouse, contemporary, vintage, and modern meaning you can spend more time dreaming.

Price Range

From £600


Shop our recommendations

Once you’ve found your headboard, you can begin to see the colours, shapes, and textures that will run throughout your room. Find yourself a comfy mattress that you’ll never tire of, followed by dressing the bed with a beautiful bedding set that will get you through the highs and lows of British weather. I’m likely to nab everything in the ‘Night Owl’ range by The Fine Bedding Company, perfect for getting cozy during the cooler nights.

If you make this your checklist, your bedroom renovation will become all the more easier when it comes to then choosing the rest of the furniture and decor to be cohesive. Creating a bedroom designed to perfection.

Photo credits: 1. Banda Design Studio 2. Soho House 3. Kelling Designs 4. Banda Design Studio 5. Kelling Designs

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