Top Rated Air Purifiers for the Home in 2022

In our guide to choosing an air purifier for your home, we look at Home Health Trackers and the best purifiers in the market for 2022.
Top Rated Air Purifiers for the Home in 2022

According to research by consulting firm Verify Markets, air purifiers–products that sanitise the air from pollutants, allergens, and toxins–saw a market growth of 57% in 2020 and it’s predicted to reach $5.9 billion by 2026—that’s up from $4.4 billion in 2021. By any stretch, that’s a huge increase for an industry that never quite caught wind inside residential homes. But now, many are turning to air purifiers and air quality monitors to help sanitise the air around them.

Why the sudden growth? One of the key drivers reported has been the pandemic, as more of us have searched for ways to clean the air in our homes and commercial spaces. That alongside pollution and consumers’ awareness around the importance of air quality, an abundance of products have hit the shelves—but what brands are worth investing in is still up for debate.

The rise of air purifiers and air quality trackers

Alongside the rise in popularity of air purifiers comes new tracking technology within the products. This has led to broader predication that we’ll soon be monitoring air quality in the same way we’ve used fitness trackers for personal health metrics. For example, in November 2021 Dyson was one of the first runners in launching an updated version of their app-connected air purifiers to help keep tabs on your air quality—by sending reports to your phone—and adjust air flow as needed.

These smart air quality trackers are becoming a viable option for those that are interested in keeping an eye on–and adjusting the home to–improve air quality inside their home. As with all new innovations and increase of consumer demand, we expect to see air quality monitors over the next year growth and to stick around well beyond 2022.

At the point, it’s fair to weigh up the pros and cons of air purifiers—understand if they work and if so, how; and when is it worth making the investment as they’re not exactly the cheapest. That’s what we’ll be covering in this guide of the best air purifiers in the market today.

this is the bissell air 320 purifier featured in the yellow brick home

Do air purifiers actually work?

As with most of these new tech products, asking whether they actually work in the ways that they claim is a fair question. In the same way we use trackers that give a good enough estimate and range of our fitness, air purifiers are much of the same. Generally speaking, most of us forget the importance of air quality and–in same cases–feel like it’s something out of our control. But, what we’re seeing in high quality air purifiers is that they’re reliable solutions to improving air quality and getting rid of indoor pollutants that can have an impact on our health, especially if you live in a highly polluted area.

It’s important to understand how they work to manage expectations of the products themselves. While high quality air purifiers will help to remove particles and allergens inside your home such as pollen, dust, smoke, and mould through its filter and fans–they won’t get rid of all of them. Why? There are particles that rest on top of soft and hard surfaces that are better to be swept up by an effective vacuum or with regular cleaning.

Choosing an air purifier for the size of the room

Before purchasing an air purifier, you’ll need to consider the room that you’ll be putting it in and where you’ll be putting it. There are air purifiers that are better for larger rooms, they’re bigger in size and they have an infiltration capacity, making them a better option especially if your home is more than three people or if you have little ones who regularly come home with the sniffles.

That said, the larger you go the more expensive they are. If you want to opt for a smaller model that–ideally–goes into a small room, there are plenty of options out there that make purchasing one of these gadgets more affordable. If there’s not a lot of floor space, its worth considering an air purifier that can be mounted on the wall, such as the AEG AX51-304WT.

What makes a good air purifier?

When you’re choosing an air purifier for your home, you want to make sure you’d looking out for key features to ensure it’s high quality and effective for the size of space you’ll be putting it in. Again, as more most things that gain popularity, there’s an abundance of choices but the quality isn’t always the same. For an air purifier that target allergens and pollutants thoroughly, look out for the following:

  • Check for HEPA filtration (high-efficiency particulate air) which means that the purifier can help to decrease the level of indoor air pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and tobacco smoke.
  • Check the Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) which will tell you how many air changes per hour the unit can produce for the square footage of the room that it’s in–if it’s not listed or is below 3, then opt for a different one as it won’t cycle the air fast enough. If you have asthma or any allergies, considering an ACH rate of 5 to 8 times or more.
  • Check the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is about two thirds of a square footage of the room the air purifier is in. For example, if the room is 300 sq. ft. you’ll need a CADR rating to be at least 200. The CADR rating presents airflow in the cubic foot per minute for three dense pollutants: Tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen.

this is a dyson air purifier featured on the diy playbook

Best air purifiers that people love

Finding the right one for your home or the room you want to put one in, may take a bit of time considering the amount of different products on the market. We’ll say it now: amongst very good ones, there are also many that do not meet the standards of what makes a good air purifier.

To get an air purifier that does the job you’re looking for there are key specifications to look out for as mentioned above: HEPA, ACH, and CADR. From all the air purifiers we vetted, we’ve chosen the best air purifiers in the market that meet these standards making them a good investment, above all else.

Best smart air purifiers

We love a good smart home device, even more so when it can benefit our health. Air purifiers are becoming the latest gadget for our homes and we’re not surprised. When the quality of the air is poor, it can have a dramatic effect on our overall health, including lung-related issues and other health related problems.

Investing in an air purifier is one move; investing in one that that connects to your phone is another. If you’re ready to start taking air quality up a notch, choosing a smart air purifier will tell you everything you need about the quality of the air in your home and ultimately, how clean it is while at the same time taking on the load to sanitise the air for you.

Like many others, we’ll be taking air quality control much more seriously this year. As we scout out the right air purifier for our home, it’s also worth remembering that another solution–albeit naturally and more affordable–adding plants inside your home such as ivy and snake plants can also help to clean the air.

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