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5 Stunning Mid Century Modern Homes in LA

Up high in the hills of Hollywood sit the very best of LA's mid-century homes that continue to inspire today.
5 Stunning Mid Century Modern Homes in LA

What’s synonymous with mid century homes? You guessed it, Case Study Houses. A residential experiment designed to inspire new ideas for affordable and efficient housing post-war in America, although most are predominately in Los Angelas. The house was designed by leading architects and designers who were at the helm of the mid-century era. The best part? Well, they’re visually delightful to look at and admire. But they’re also open to the public to take a tour around.

Mid century modern homes in LA

Let’s head over to LA, high in the Hollywood Hills to soak up the best of the city’s mid-century homes that still today are massively sought after.

The Bass House

There is so much to love about the Bass House. It’s open-plan and true to the principle of bringing the outside in with the gigantic tree acting almost like an umbrella over the home. More famously known as Case House #20B, the Bass House was designed by the architectural group, Buff, Straub & Hensman and completed in 1958. Originally built for the industrial and graphic designer Saul Bass, this house is particularly unique as it’s one of the few houses there were built primarily out of wood, rather than steel as much of the other Case Houses were.

2275 Santa Rosa Ave, Altadena, CA 91001, USA


Stahl House

A collaboration between Clarence and Carlotta Stahl who had the vision for the home and architect Pierre Koenig who was brave enough to take it on. Stahl bought the land the house now sits on for $13,000 in 1954 and today, the Stahl House (Case Study #22) has been recognised as one of LA’s historic cultural monuments and is listed as one of the top architectural structures in America. It only takes a glance at its elegant exteriors and even more divine interiors to understand its accolades.

1635 Woods Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA (Reserve a tour)


Classic Mid Century Home: Eames House

Home to the original Eames Lounge Chair, Case Study #8 was designed and built by Charles and Ray Eames in 1949. Then their home and studio, Eames House is known for its modernity and Japanese minimalism and is an incredible example of modular housing. Intentionally easy to manufacture and assemble, the home is an example of what you build in just 90 hours. Today, the house belongs to Eames Foundation and it is still considered as one of the most important sites of modern architecture. Not to mention being home to some of the most iconic mid-century interiors.

203 Chautauqua Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90272, USA

Bailey House

Intriguing from on the outset, the Bailey House infinitely beautiful. Designed by Richard Neutra in 1947, the Bailey House (Case Study #20) was realised as a family home and was intended to be able to grow with the family that moved into it. The simple rectangular shapes sculpting this home make this a particular mid-century favourite.

219 Chautauqua Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90272, USA


Case Study #16

Tucked away in the hills of Bel Air, the Case Study #16 makes for a serene oasis in the center of LA. Remarkably, this house was one of three Craig Ellwood designed as part of the Case Study program and is the only one left, as the other two homes were heavily remodelled. Recognised as one of the city’s landmarks for its innovative design, #16 offers something architecturally unique with its huge translucent floor-to-ceiling glass panels and exposed steel framing.

1811 Bel Air Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077, USA


Inspired by LA homes and their exteriors?

Of all the inspiration to take from mid century modern homes in LA and the influential designers behind them, its clear that the exterior of our homes can make all the difference to the overall look and feel. While it’s simple to make changes to the interior of a home to give that nod to one of the most beloved interior styling trends to have ever existed, it’s not the easiest to bring those elements to the exteriors. However, with experts like Ian Abrams Architect at your finger tips, you don’t have to search far and wide to achieve a similar appearance to the stunning homes found throughout LA.

Not ready to leave mid-century modern goodness? Take a city tour around Palm Springs.

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