Feed Full of Japandi Interiors: 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Obsessed with the serene aesthetic of Japandi interiors? Then, these are our favourite accounts you won't want to scroll past.
Feed Full of Japandi Interiors: 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s the style many haven’t been able to stop talking about since it swept into our homes and took over our shelves without realising it. Back in 2017, Japandi interiors began as a niche style and took the interest of a small community of interior enthusiasts that wanted their home decor and furnishings to straddle Japanese philosophies of living and Scandinavian aesthetics. Since then, the marriage between the two has grabbed the winning spot on the podium of interior styles winning 1st place among millennials in particular. However, Japandi has evolved and depending on the hands its fell into, can ebb and flow to suit most people’s preference for interiors.

Towards the end of last year, we shared our own vision for what Japandi could look like through the lens of someone who simply would never want to come away from the vibrancy and timeless appeal of mid century modern, but appreciated the calmness that Japandi interiors could bring inside a home. Revealing what we believe to be a fusion that brought the best of mid century modern and Japandi interiors together to form Mid-Japandi has convinced us even further that there’s always scope to bend the rules of certain interior styles to make it your own.

Japandi interior accounts to follow on Instagram

Above all else, everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to interiors and if tampering with two styles is an ambition for a different time then starting by focusing on one is the perfect place to start. If, like us, you draw your inspiration from visuals then scouting out accounts of Instagram, boards on Pinterest, and purchasing those coffee table book is your go-to for building out your interiors mood board for a Japandi-inspired home. Let’s start with our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram…

1) Our Neutral Ground

As a content creator, Roxanne from Our Neutral Ground has established both a beautiful feed and ideas on how to bring the calming nature of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors inside your home. Without making too many grand gestures to share Japandi elements throughout her interiors, Roxanne has made the style look effortless and one that’s easy enough to maintain while keeping hold of one’s personality and creativity.


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2) Niblu Home

A quick glimpse at their home, and it’s obvious why it has won awards and has been featured on the front page of interior magazine. Blue and Nickolay have designed a home that straddles minimalism and cosiness beautifully. They’ve retained the cosiness of Nordic aesthetics through the use of Boucle fabrics and warm lighting, and have peppered decorative elements and dark wooden furnishings throughout the home to add the serene, simplicity that Japanese philosophy welcomes.


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3) Anne Claus

As an interior designer by trade, Anne Claus is an expect when it comes to designing a timeless home that can be both lived in and admired. Her styling encapsulates the key characteristics of Japandi–neutral colours, wooden elements, and the perfectly imperfect decorative pieces–and inspiration can easily be drawn from her portfolio for those looking to bring the interior style into their home.


There are only a handful of interior brands that do modern, sleek furnishings quite like MENU do. Their range of furniture, lighting, and interior accessories are an ode to modern interior design that could fit seamlessly inside a design conscious home. A scroll through their Instagram is enough inspiration to want to clear out any clutter to create a tranquil space that caters to the needs of a busy life.

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5) 136 Home

Although 136 Home presents a different take on Japandi design, following Anthony is a must if you’re looking to lean on an interior style for inspiration and at the same time make it entirely your own. From Anthony, it’s the hunt for antiques and splashes of yellows and gold that add a unique layer to Japandi; as its often defined by its neutral, clean palette and minimal use of accessories.


Photo credits: Dezeen

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